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Innovative business Models

Heilongjiang Selenium Rice Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the cultivation of green and healthy organic rice, natural selenium rich rice and (F2C2B+o2o+VIP) platform in the field of pioneering and innovative R & amp; d and integration of modern agricultural information technology companies, for consumers to create a online and offline integrated three-dimensional consumer experience platform, Cloud Yijiahui Pie Ecosystem Platform marketing planning positioning services in the vast number of people health green fast selling products and Member club extension services, the production of sales enterprises and physical stores of the borderless Alliance of the new model, is committed to building a healthy brand, serving the general public.

Heilongjiang Selenium rice Agricultural Science and technology research and development of the cloud Yijiahui Pie ecosystem Platform marketing planning relying on the line and offline two hands at the same time boxing strategy, the company plans 300 domestic urban operators, 1000 venture Partners and professional 10 million consumer members composed of the entrepreneurial consumer circle. Each city Business Circle integrates different business industries, merchants serve in the business circle of the member consumers so that enterprises in the commercial circle to the consumer members to enjoy the dividends brought by the enterprise. Platform marketing planning to break the existing product difference circulation block link, independent research and development of innovative sales model, so that members of the business circle in the purchase of life goods, the currency 2 to 3 times times the value of goods, but also access to a number of services, members themselves and family value-added services, the final form (F2C2B+o2o+VIP) ecosystem platform).

F2C2B+O2O+VIP Popular definitions of three modes:

1, F2C2B: In fact, is a two-tier meaning f2c and c2b:f2c refers to the direct from the factory to the consumer, eliminating all the intermediate links, C2B on behalf of the platform proprietary products, and future customized products for personalized products and smart products.

2, O2O: Online and offline, online trading to offline experience, or offline marketing to online trading

3, VIP: Membership-based disposable consumption, you can enjoy the member discount for life, and enjoy participating in the profit distribution.

Development status of three models:

1, F2CB: A new model to subvert the traditional supply chain pattern.

The traditional commodity circulation path is: factory-(advertisers)-General agent-City agent-wholesaler-retailer-consumers, because the link is too many layers of markup, products to reach consumers often high prices. Usually this intermediate link of the cost of sales accounted for 60-80%. For example, a product plant factory price of 10 yuan, after the middle layer of fare increase, to consumers may become 50 yuan.

And the F2CB model is the product from the factory directly to the hands of consumers, consumers get the factory price. In this way, consumers can not only buy factory prices, at the same time consumers will not worry about fake and shoddy products.

So F2CB is providing consumers with the most cost-effective products of the new model, for consumers to bring value maximization!

It can be seen that this model is subverting the traditional supply chain pattern.

It can be said that C2C represents the past (such as Taobao), B2C represents the present (Jingdong, Tmall Mall), F2CB represents the future, F2CB will completely subvert the new mode of shopping life.

2, O2O: This model, just started not two years, but many of us are no longer unfamiliar.

For example: Suning easyjet; Wang Feng's concert; Ping An also began to test the water O2O mode; Shun a year to build O2O community life service shop; including the recent Wanda + Baidu + Tencent together to create Wanda E-commerce company, the first phase of investment of about 5 billion yuan, to create China's largest O2O platform. It can be seen that the development of O2O unstoppable, will be the future development of e-commerce trend.

3, VIP: Member multiplication System, this is a new consumer-oriented entrepreneurship.

Is that consumers only need a disposable consumption, you can have the opportunity to participate in the product circulation process of profit distribution. One of the books written by Professor Chen Yu, "Consumer capital," is that consumers have the opportunity to start a business while consuming, so that consumers become consumer dealers

At the same time, this membership system also uses the world's eighth wonder-multiplication. This multiplication principle is equivalent to when we fight the landlord, 1 fry 2,2 fry 4,4 Fry change 8,8 fry 16 ....

Similar cases have emerged in real life: some restaurants, for example, you can give you a 80 percent discount on the QR code when you spend, and if you help the restaurant introduce some friends to the restaurant for consumption, the restaurant will give you points or the next time you come to spend the play more low discounts. Wait a minute.

In fact, consumers are most loyal to their own interests, so where there are benefits will be where to spend. Today, this membership system not only saves money on consumption, but also gets the distribution of profits.