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Selenium rich rice leader-Heilongjiang Selenium Rice Agriculture Chairman Part CCTV!

Edit:Yangzhou Ziwei Trading Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-02-20

September 30, 2018,Selenium Rich RiceResearch and development leader-Heilongjiang Selenium Rice Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. Strong landing CCTV CCTV-7 channel prime time, will be more than 1.4 billion spectators staged an audio-visual enjoyment of the blockbuster, so that the people of the country to further understand the selenium rice agriculture. This CCTV advertisement will become another major milestone in the history of selenium rice agriculture, not only that selenium rice agriculture will be known to more users, to uncover a new chapter of corporate brand promotion, but also to promote the comprehensive influence of selenium rice agriculture in the field of rice research, cultivation and processing, and promote the development of agriculture.

As ChinaSelenium Rich RiceThe leading enterprise of scientific research and development, selenium rice agriculture has established the quality and specialization service orientation from the beginning of its establishment. Over the past 10 years, under the leadership of Chairman Part, Selenium Rice agriculture adheres to the operation of good faith management norms, adheres to the principle of service without exaggeration, misdirection and seeking truth from facts, upholds the belief of quality service, professionalism and efficiency, establishes national brand with word of mouth, conveys Chinese voice by quality, and is composing the grand blueprint of Chinese agriculture. Leading the rice industry to flourish.

As a national authority, influential, powerful and widely covered mainstream media, CCTV is the main channel for the public to obtain information throughout the country, and it is also an important window for China to understand the world and the world to understand China. As the authoritative media of the state, CCTV has strict screening standards for corporate brands: scale, reputation, products, culture, brand value and so on are its assessment standards. This smooth CCTV, for selenium rice agriculture is not only a worthy recognition, encouragement and whip, but also a bearing the national brand of China's mission and responsibility. As an excellent representative of the industry, selenium rice agriculture will be deep ploughing in the agricultural front line, contributing toSelenium Rich RiceUpgrade, leading the rice industry into a new phase.

June 20, 2016, general office issued the "on the role of brand leadership to promote the upgrading of supply and demand structure", the brand building and development of specific requirements; April 24, 2017, the State Council approved the approval of the annual May 10 as "China brand Day" from 2017 onwards, Will comprehensively enhance the brand awareness of the whole society, and further build the brand positive energy. Brand strategy has risen to an important strategy of the country, the brand consciousness of Chinese enterprises has been awakened unprecedented, China's independent brands are realizing leap-forward growth, selenium rice agriculture will continue toSelenium Rich RiceRice cultivation, quality service and brand to create a triple power, to create a new situation in the development of rice industry.

2018 is destined to be an extraordinary year for Selenium rice agriculture, cooperation signing, Rong CCTV and other things, all mark the new brand strategy of Selenium rice agriculture officially launched, is to create a new brand image, leadingSelenium Rich RiceBrand to make a foot of the mat. A high starting point determines the height of brand communication. This work with CCTV, is the selenium rice agriculture towards a higher level of a new starting point, selenium rice agriculture will achieve a new height, driving the rapid development of the rice industry. In the future, selenium rice agriculture will continue to strive for a higher brand orientation to create a "national brand", in the Chinese brand Power Road, in the Chinese Dream practice, all the way forward!

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