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Wuchangdao Huaxiang Rice New Rice Cooking Guide

Edit:Yangzhou Ziwei Trading Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-08-17

The rice flower is really fragrant, and half of the food is half-made! This meal is due to the sky, and there are several people in the world who can smell it. Those who have eaten the first batch of new rice of the real five-way rice flower rice will have this sigh!

First of all, what should be done by people who order the first batch of new rice in the 2018 Wuchang Daohuaxiang rice:

In 2018, the first batch of Wuchangdao Huaxiang rice will arrive at your home!

After receiving the rice, you have to do the following:

1. Savour the fragrance of Wuchangdao Huaxiang rice through the woven bag, it is refreshing and refreshing.
2. Open the woven bag and grab a small amount of rice near the nose to smell the smell of rice flowers.
3. Put a few grains of rice in the mouth and chew it carefully to see how it tastes? The taste of beauty!
4. Pick up the five regular rice flower rice no. 2, then put the rice into the bag and smell the fragrance in your hand? If there is, then there is a problem with this rice. If not, then it is right!

Be sure to pay attention: Some friends may not buy our rice. Some rice smells particularly fragrant, with a handful of hands, a very strong aroma in the hands, this rice is a fragrance rice, do not eat. This kind of rice is harmful to the human body!

Here's how to make Wuchangdao Huaxiang Rice New Rice Rice:
Some new friends said that they would not make five rice and rice fragrant rice. Now we have the following specific cooking methods for pure high quality Wuchang rice flower rice , I hope to bring you convenience:
1. Put a pound of pure high-quality Wuchang rice flower rice rice into the rice cooker and record the weight of the rice bowl. The specific figure:
2. Use a little bit of water (or not), add water (preferably with mineral water) and the weight exceeds the first weight (miga pot) 1.25 kg. That is, 1 kg of rice put about 1.25 kg of water. Figure:
3. Remember the actual position of the rice and water, and then cook according to this ratio.
4. Put the water-packed rice for 20 minutes to half an hour, then start cooking. After the rice cooker trips, the rice cooker is turned on after twenty minutes. Beautiful rice is on the scene, as shown:
5. Put the cooked rice on the plate and look carefully. This meal should be in the sky, there are several people in the world to eat! Figure:

Such a delicious Wuchang rice flower rice is inseparable from our hard work!