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Rice gift box, the first choice for health gifts!

Edit:Yangzhou Ziwei Trading Co., Ltd.UpDate:2016-11-08

Rice gift box, health gift preferred!

Lishang is a part of Chinese traditional culture. Just like we must set off firecrackers during the Chinese New Year, it is a social phenomenon that has been passed down for thousands of years. For example, traditional holidays, we will send gifts to friends, colleagues, partners, etc. to enhance friendship or pass. Some kind of special information. As the concept of health care has become more and more popular among people, health has become a topic of priority for people, and the gift industry has naturally undergone corresponding changes. People used to say that gifts are always inseparable from tobacco and alcohol, but nowadays gifts are popular and healthy, and health-care tonics have become the main theme of the gift market. So what is the 2016 Spring Festival gift?

What is the 2016 Spring Festival gift? After visiting a number of gift companies, Xiaobian found that more and more people are offering traditional foods such as organic rice and rice gift boxes . In the Ziwei commerce store in Yangjiang District of Yangzhou, Xiao Bian just saw a young couple coming out of the store with organic rice, organic millet and organic grains just bought. The couple told Xiaobian: "This time, but during the Spring Festival holiday, I am going back to my hometown to visit my parents. I want to buy some gifts for my parents, but I don’t know what to send gifts. Many colleagues around me recommend that popular organic foods are especially suitable for the elderly. Parents are older, frail and sick, often go home to see, bring some gifts is also what children should do

In order to further understand what is sent in 2016 and the sales of organic food gift boxes, Xiao Bian interviewed the party leader of the well-known brand Zijing commerce, and the party chief told Xiaobian: "The hot sale of organic food gift boxes is not only the improvement of people's living standards. It is also a change of gift-giving concept. With the attention of TV media to high-end traditional health supplements such as cereals and organic millet, the whole grain powder is more easily recognized by consumers, and the millet as the head of “millet plus rifle” Naturally, it has been enthusiastically sought after by consumers."

According to Xiaobian, organic food-free cereals gift boxes are popular as a tonic. When buying, merchants are generally not allowed to open the inspection. This leaves a hidden danger to the quality problems of organic cereals. When purchasing a whole grain gift box, carefully check whether the cereal has a series of authoritative certifications such as organic food certification and pollution-free food, rather than blindly selecting a rice gift box without a brand.

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