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The selenium-enriched rice in the northeast has given birth to me, different organic selenium-enriched rice.

Edit:Yangzhou Ziwei Trading Co., Ltd.UpDate:2017-04-21

I am an organic northeast selenium-enriched rice , white Chinese clothing, Tiangong Yulu nourish, let me have a noble and graceful posture. Every fairy in the Heavenly Palace needs to go to earth to robbery in order to fly up to the fairy.

So, I joined the reincarnation to a rice seed of "Jiameijiaxiang Heilongjiang Selenium-rich Rice" and felt the dust.

The sunshine is very good. My sisters and I are holding hands on the concrete floor and feeling the good times of the world.

Strictly selected only for better quality seedlings

The next step is the test of the Sansheng Pool. The three pools of water have been called baptism, and it is a catastrophe.

Pool 1 uses a ratio of clear water and yellow mud 100:20 to form a primary pool. Here, sisters with ills will die and be removed.

Pool 2, soaking pool, the pool is made up of 100:5 water and quicklime. Sisters with a total weight of 5-6 kg will be put into the pool. After flipping up and down several times, the pool will be covered and placed in a cool and dark place. After 2-3 days, the germination pool will be germinated.

The three pools are called germination pools, in order to promote the concentration and neat germination of rice seeds, and the seeding after germination is more than three days faster than the germination.

After experiencing this, we can feel that we are gradually revealing white buds. After 12 hours, we have been raised into a bud, we are taken back indoors, and we have been drying for a day. We can finally put in the arms of Mother Earth after we are wet inside!

The old farmer took us to the place where we are about to grow - Heilongjiang organic selenium-rich rice planting base.

It is said that in this land, the predecessors have stable production, multi-resistance, excellent rice quality and suitable growth period...

Every harvest is a gift

The sower strictly inserted the small seedlings into the soil, and then carefully watered 3-4CM water.

In the tillering period, the sowers were replaced by shallow water and diligent irrigation. Under the careful care of Mother Earth and the farmer's uncle, we have grown into tender rice. About 10 days old farmers will apply top dressing.

The bad guys seem to be a means for Tianjun to check and balance the world. When the weeds are dying, the diseases and pests begin to poison the creatures. Disease prevention and pest removal has become a necessary link in our lives. The technicians of Jiameijiaxiang combine modern technology and use technology to protect our lives.

After all kinds of disasters, we finally matured. In order to ensure our beauty and inner beauty, when the ninth is yellow, the farmers come to harvest. The harvested rice is directly threshed and dried, and a special production line with organic certification qualification is selected for shelling, grinding, polishing and selection of up to 5 or more.

After careful selection, each of our sisters is full of beads and can be broken. This time, the robbing of the people, the benefit of the world, completed the creation of my flying up the fairy. This life experience will definitely make me forget.

However, I am my, not the same organic selenium-enriched rice. Every time we pursue the sublimation of quality, we can't do without the hard work.

Jiameijia's technical workers' research on the excellence of planting techniques and the care of the old farmers who are sweating in the process of growing rice have turned into a good thought, which has made me a happy life.