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Are you eating authentic Wuchang rice flower rice?

Edit:Yangzhou Ziwei Trading Co., Ltd.UpDate:2017-05-19

Are you eating authentic Wuchang rice flower rice ? Wuchang City, Heilongjiang Province is famous for its rich rice. For a long time, Wuchang Rice has become a major target of counterfeiting due to its unique aroma and taste. This year, the average purchase price of Wuchang rice rice is 2.5 yuan per catty. According to the 50% yield rate, the cost per kilometer of rice is about 5 yuan, plus the cost of rice, packaging, transportation, etc. Profit, the price of buying Wuchang rice in the field is basically at 6 yuan per kilogram or even higher, and it is possible to buy real Wuchang rice.

However, the traditional channel fake Wuchang rice often only sells around 3 yuan, and it continues to flow.

The water source of rice cultivation rice is from the Mopanshan Reservoir with 500 million cubic meters of water and high mineral content. The paddy soil also contains 11 types of meadow soil, black soil and sandy loam with high organic matter content. What is even more rare is that Wuchang City has unique topography, surrounded by mountains on three sides, and mature rice in August and September. The warm current from the Songnen Plain circulates in the basin, and the temperature difference between day and night reaches 20 degrees, so that the rice dry matter and amylopectin grow under the environment. And the accumulation of instant double-chain sugar is more beneficial to human health. The steamed rice is also bright and fragrant.

A camera is also installed in the paddy field to monitor the farmer's field management. Fertilization and weeding should be carried out according to the standards of the technicians.

In order to ensure the quality of rice-scented rice, in addition to automated equipment, the local government also requires rice farmers to register their purchases of pure rice flower seeds and seedlings with their ID cards. Fertilizers and high-residue pesticides are not allowed to be used during planting. The government distributes organic green manure and harmless biological pesticides.

At present, all the cultivated land in Wuchang City is divided into specific contractors through aerial photography, and even the contents of organic matter, alkali nitrogen and available phosphorus in each plot are clearly marked. These labels will directly affect the future rice. price.

Through strict supervision of the rice planted, the rice farmers must register with the ID card before they can be sold to the local rice processing plant. Once the quality problem of the rice flower rice is found, it can be traced back to the specific growers, and the punishment can be prevented. The rice that is doped by the farmer is shoddy.

Zhang Ye, director of the Geographical Indications Product Protection and Management Office of the Wuchang Municipal Market Supervision Administration of Heilongjiang Province: In addition to routine testing, Wuchang Rice also tests heavy metals, pesticide residues, and especially fragrances. The standard for Wuchang rice is much higher than the standard for national rice.

In order to prevent enterprises from inducing ordinary rice to deceive consumers in Wuchang rice, Wuchang City spent more than 1 million yuan to purchase this most advanced spectrum detection equipment from Germany. If Wuchang's rice-scented rice is mixed with rice from other regions, This device is easily monitored by the spectrum.