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Crossing 1400 kilometers, looking for organic rice and fragrant rice with germ

Edit:Yangzhou Ziwei Trading Co., Ltd.UpDate:2017-06-20

Chinese people like reunion, like a family sitting around the table, toasting and drinking, talk about it. Regardless of Tiannanhaibei, there is a bowl of rice in the reunion. A bowl of good rice always brings the temptation on the tip of the tongue: every rice grain shines with pure white luster, and the scent of rice is accompanied by the rising heat, which makes all the other ingredients on the table become its foil. . If you don't have an entrance, you will be immersed in the fragrant rice scent , like walking in the endless rice flower rice ; eating a bite, light and slightly sweet, soft and soft cotton, aroma and refreshing, that is the happy love between the tongue and rice.

A bowl of good rice is the protagonist of the table, a bowl of northeast organic rice and fragrant rice, worthy of all your waiting.

1400 km, the distance between you and the rice flower

Northeast, the original production area of ​​high quality rice in China. The temperate continental monsoon region is uniquely endowed with high-quality rice growing conditions with distinct four seasons, large temperature difference between day and night, and abundant light resources. The natural organic matter content is 4.24% black land, and the national first-class mineral water standard high-quality water source irrigation provides sufficient nutrition for rice growth. The natural ecological microclimate gives the rice flower fragrant rice a true quality guarantee.

147 days of concentrating growth,
It is a characteristic of Northeast agriculture only for the aroma of the table. Half a year of hard work, half a year of land, up to half a year of freezing, enough to freeze the eggs in the soil to ensure the quality of rice production. The growth cycle of rice flower rice is 147 days, which is nearly 30 days longer than ordinary rice. Only ample growth time can make the rice flower aroma on the table.

50% of the rice rate,
Each one is the finest selection of each rice, which is made of rice after cleaning, glutinous rice, rice milling, finished product finishing and other processes. Not every rice can turn into rice, the rice yield of ordinary rice can reach 70%-80%, and the rice yield of rice fragrant rice is only 50%. The objective conditions of a year of maturity, the extremely low rate of rice, every rice and rice is worth savoring.

Sitting at home,
You can feel the rice bowl breathing a bowl of good rice, from the moment you open the bag, you can feel its natural fragrance. Fragrance is the most characteristic of rice-flowered rice. From the beginning of rice seedlings, it exudes a natural rice scent. Open the bag and hold the rice flower scent in your hand. The slender long rice is evenly colored, the color is bright, the fragrance is overflowing, and the belly is obviously white. When cooking, the entire kitchen is its unique rice scent. Take a bowl and put it in the mouth and chew it slowly. There is a hint of sweetness in the mellow, and there is a special feeling of guilt between the strengths. It seems to travel through time and space, to a paddy field, caressing the heavy rice ears, and feeling the breath of the rice fields in the sun.

No pesticides, only sweat,
Not just our commitment to you

Good rice, from its birth, is doomed. Jinghuahua chooses rice flower fragrant rice from the selection, breeding, transplanting, de-worming, organic fertilizer, harvesting, shelling, packaging and other processes, all using organic standards, to achieve strict supervision throughout the process. Rejecting pesticides, rejecting fertilizers, rejecting all kinds of additions, no polishing, no new rice, each rice has a clearly visible germ, and the real grain is selected. Through the secondary inspection of professional institutions, you can see the safety.

What is the highest evaluation of a bowl of rice?
Give you a bowl of rice made from Crystal's organic rice and rice, even if you don't have a rich side dish, you can finish the bowl of fragrant rice. This is a 1400-kilometer rice scent, and it is the health and safety that Jinghua Hua chose for you.

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