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After 90 years, young rural college students came home to sellers and township rice flower rice

Edit:Yangzhou Ziwei Trading Co., Ltd.UpDate:2017-04-10

I am Songyan, a new generation of rural college students born in the 90s. My family lives in a small village from Wuchang City, Heilongjiang Province. The village economy is relatively backward and the conditions are not good. However, due to the unique natural resource conditions, the famous Gongmi-Five Changdao flower rice is grown nationwide. The university graduated soon, and the students went to Shanghai, Beijing, the first-tier cities to fight their own business. And I started my Taobao farm shop - "Songyan Black Soil".

Many students don't understand. I feel that college graduation should go to work hard for my career and future. Even my dad doesn't support me. He used to go to college just to let me out of the countryside and become a person in the city. I did not expect that I graduated from college immediately and returned to the countryside. When I was in school, my children of the same age were already working to help the family to make money, and my father was greedy because of my high tuition. He said that he knew that you had to go back to the countryside and go out to school, so expensive tuition. But I don't regret it. Just because I went out, let me know how serious the social food safety problem is now. Just because I went out, let me know how serious the rice-flowered rice was adulterated. There are 800,000 tons of rice flower fragrance per mu, but there are more than 10 million tons on the market. It can be said that more than 90% of the rice flower fragrance on the market is fake. Therefore, I returned to the countryside without hesitation. I want to help my fellow villagers promote healthy and quality food in my hometown. I want friends from all over the country to eat rice nourishing rice No. 2 in my hometown.

Hey my college just want to let me out of the countryside, as the people in the city. I didn't realize I was graduated from the university immediately but returned to the countryside. In school age children are in help home work to make money, and the father is because I am a high tuition and go. Said he knew you go back To the rural doing that also go out to go to school So expensive tuition fees. But I don't regret, because of go out, let me know how serious the social food safety problem now. Because of go out, let me know how Per mu yield of 800000 tons of rice fragrant flowers, on the market has more than 10 million tons, can say more than ninety percent of the rice fragrant flowers on the market to be false. So I No back to the countryside, I want to help villagers to promote I want to make friends all over the country have to eat my hometown not adulterated pure rice fragrant flowers 2 rice.
When I was in school, I was the squad leader in the class. Because of my hard work, I won many scholarships from the school and I was awarded the honorary title of the school construction model. It can be said that it is not difficult to find a suitable job. There are also some companies in the South who come to our school for recruitment, and the teacher recommendation also gives recommendations. I have also been to Beijing for an internship. Very prosperous metropolis, full of unlimited potential and countless opportunities. It has an unparalleled appeal to students who have just left the school. But I still like the black land of my hometown. I once said to my classmates: "When you are watching a movie in a movie theater, I am lying on the grass to see the stars. It is another kind of happiness."
The road of Taobao is not smooth sailing. I tried to decorate the store little by little, improve it a little bit, and constantly improve it. However, looking at your own shop and other people's shops, it is still so rustic. The store has low reputation and low search volume. Many friends in Songyan's shop may not know. The traffic of the store is also poor. Every morning, open your eyes and immediately turn on your computer and hang on Want Want. I am afraid that someone will affect the deal because Songyan is not online. The buzz of Want Want became the most beautiful music in my eyes. In the evening, I know that Wangwang will not think about it anymore, but I will wait for a buyer to come to Songyan’s store. Sometimes, sometimes I fell asleep on the computer desk. However, paying is rewarding. Many friends who bought the Songyan rice have a good time to come again. There are even many friends who saw that Songyan’s shop is not just for buying things, but to support Songyan’s dreams. I heard my heart warm. With everyone's support. I will definitely stick to it. For my dream - to make the Songyan home a brand on Taobao. Choosing Songyan is to choose health. Songyan only offers the highest quality natural farm goods. I will use my life to realize my dreams. If I am destined to be a network merchant in this life, I hope to do something for my hometown. I hope to bring friends from all over the country to my hometown, Taohuaxiang No. 2, which is not adulterated. I hope to bring the best quality natural farm goods on the black land to everyone.

In school, I'm the monitor of the class, because learning efforts, the school scholarships for many times, also won the award for the school construction pacesetter of glory. Can say is not difficult to find a suitable work. There are also some I have have been to Beijing. A bustling metropolis, full of unlimited potential also have countless opportunities. To just out of college students has a unique attraction. But I still Like soil in hometown. Once I and my classmate said: "when you are watching a movie at the cinema, I lay in the haystack look at the stars. It is another kind of happiness"

Taobao's way is not plain sailing, bit by bit I try to decorate the store, bit by bit improvement, and constantly improve. But looking at their own shops, and people still so uncool. Store credit is low, low search volume. Loose rock Everything, opened his eyes, right away open a computer, want want. Is afraid influence to clinch a deal because of the loose rock is not online. Prosperous Chin The most wonderful music became my eyes. In the evening, know prosperous has won't want to But wait a minute, maybe there will be a buyer came loose rock's shop. Sometimes, even you lie on the computer fell asleep on the table But the pay is rewarding. Bought rice, the loose rock many friends eating good again. Even there is a lot of friends, see the loose rock shop to buy things just for loose rock, tell the value of loose rock dream, insist on Listen to the warm heart. With the support of everyone. I will stick to it. For the sake of my dream - loose rock home into a brand of taobao. Choose loose rock, is to choose healthy. Loose rock provide only the highest quality natural farm goods. I'll use lifetime to realize my dream. If doomed to this I hope to give the friend of my hometown is not pure adulterated rice fragrant flowers of the no. 2. I hope to go to the highest quality natural soil in The farm goods to you.