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Heilongjiang rice is sought after in Guangzhou!

Edit:Yangzhou Ziwei Trading Co., Ltd.UpDate:2017-04-14

In order to further deepen the reform of the supply side of agriculture and meet the consumption demand of high-quality rice in Guangdong, the Heilongjiang Provincial Grain Bureau organized 22 large-scale production enterprises of rice, soybeans and soybean products in the province to go to Guangzhou on June 2nd. Participated in the 5th China International Food and Food Exhibition, and during this period, he co-hosted a meeting with the Guangdong Provincial Grain Bureau to meet the production and demand meeting of Heilongjiang rice production enterprises and Guangdong distributors.

Through this exhibition, the featured products of Heilongjiang large rice processing enterprises were further concentrated, and the high-end image and concept of Heilongjiang rice green, safe and healthy were conveyed.
At the exhibition site, not only the rice mills were on-site, but also the rice that had just been cooked and cooked. The Heilongjiang rice was highly regarded and sought after by domestic and foreign professional buyers. It also attracted many Guangzhou citizens to stop and taste.

More than 40 companies in the two provinces

This year's Central Document No. 1 emphasizes the need to promote the “agricultural supply side structural reform”, improve the quality and efficiency of the supply system, and make the supply of agricultural products sufficient, variety and quality to meet the needs of consumers.
At the same time, Heilongjiang has experienced rapid momentum in rice industry in recent years, and is gradually transforming the province from rice production to a province with strong rice processing. This meeting is the key station of "Heilongjiang Rice China", with "green, ecological, natural, black land", "China's good rice, from Heilongjiang" as the propaganda theme, intending to focus on "Heilongjiang" The “rice” brand further implements the supply-side reform.
Wang Naiju, deputy director of the Grain Bureau of Heilongjiang Province, said: "Agriculture is the foundation of the country, and it is also the foundation of a strong country. It is an important measure to implement the supply-side reform and vigorously develop ecological agriculture, specifically to the rice industry. It is market-oriented and insists on providing high-quality pure quality rice."
“Guangdong is not only a major rice consumption town in the south, but also a lot of high-quality rice processing and sales enterprises. In the province's agricultural promotion supply side structural reform, food production and circulation efforts to achieve 'good quality' to 'sell well' In the practice, the whole industrial chain sales model of rice production, such as Beidahuang, COFCO and Yihai Kerry, has taken a new path for the development of rice processing industry in Heilongjiang Province."

(Deputy Director Wang Naiju of Heilongjiang Grain Bureau promotes high quality rice in Heilongjiang)
At the trade meeting between the two provinces, there are also 20 rice trade enterprises with the willingness to cooperate in Guangdong Province. The cooperation between the production and sales will further promote the deep cooperation between the two provinces, consolidate and expand the two provinces. A friendly production and sales partnership.
"The smooth advancement of agricultural supply-side reform is inseparable from the participation of high-quality enterprises. Guangdong's rice demand is large, especially high-end rice is an important link to improve people's living standards. We welcome more high-quality rice production and sales enterprises in the two provinces to achieve strong Strong alliance, to achieve 'good seeding' 'good to add', 'good storage', 'sell well', consumers 'eat well', to achieve multi-win under the supply-side reform." Guangdong Province food Wu Junwei, deputy director of the bureau, spoke highly of the results of the negotiations.

"Rice" method is a good base for good rice.

According to the “2013-2018 China Seed Market Status Analysis and Investment Prospect Research Report” released by Boss Data, China's rice cultivation is mainly concentrated in the Northeast Plain, the Yangtze River Basin and the Southeast Coast, accounting for 12% of the national rice planting area. , 64% and 22%.
Among them, Heilongjiang, located in the northeast plain, is the best rice growing area because of the five accumulated temperate zones, abundant water resources, fertile soil, low fertilizer, and no heavy metal pollution.
Zhou Nanzhen of the Guangdong Grain Industry Association said that agriculture relies heavily on the natural environment, and good bases can produce good rice. Consumers always mistakenly believe that the quality of Chinese rice is not as good as that of Japan and Thailand. The main problem lies in the development model of the rice industry. In fact, as early as August 2015, the China National Cereals and Oils Association and other authoritative institutions, the taste index test report showed that the Arowana rice is the best taste of the world, and has the natural flavor that Chinese people love.
In recent years, Heilongjiang Province has played a good ecological environment for many years, low fertilizer and pesticide application, leading technology and industrial chain processing, and high brand awareness of japonica rice. It has cultivated high-quality rice ecological base and scientifically formulated the province's rice processing industry. The development plan will speed up the implementation of four special modes such as “special variety planting, special species acquisition, special variety processing, and special product sales” to form a rational planting and processing chain, and effectively promote the enterprise restructuring and expansion, extend the rice processing industry chain, and further strengthen the market. Marketing has shaped the characteristics of “Heilongjiang Rice” safety, green, ecology, nature and black land.

(Cui Ping, Director of the Industry and Technology Department of the Grain Bureau of Heilongjiang Province, introduced the rice industry in Heilongjiang)
“The market demand for high-end rice is constantly expanding, and the production capacity of high-quality rice in Heilongjiang is increasing rapidly. The Heilongjiang delegation came from afar to let more consumers taste the authentic high-quality Heilongjiang rice.” Heilongjiang Grain Bureau Industry and Technology Cui Ping said.
It is reported that in 2015, the planting area of ​​rice in Heilongjiang Province has exceeded 60 million mu and the output has exceeded 60 billion jin. With the optimization of planting varieties, the upgrading of equipment and processing technology, the quality and reputation of the company have been further improved. “Heilongjiang Rice” has been It has become a market brand with great market influence. Among them, Wuchang and “original fragrant rice” and other rice produce geographical business cards and well-known rice varieties, which have become the label symbols of high-end high-quality rice in the domestic market.