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Heilongjiang rice enters the Beijing community

Edit:Yangzhou Ziwei Trading Co., Ltd.UpDate:2016-10-13

Heilongjiang rice enters the Beijing community

Http://www.jzh188.com October 14, 2016 09:40

(Reporter Liu) On October 10th, residents of the western suburbs square lined up in the morning, waiting for the list of Heilongjiang rice . For the "Heilongjiang Province 2011 County Commodities\" content founder Rice's new product to community activities from now on sales month at the same time in 15 communities in Beijing, 1000 tons of new safe, assured quality rice table for the first time Beijing residents.

Fangzheng County of Heilongjiang Province is the birthplace of rice cultivation technology in China. The geographical indications of rice protect the county, county, 1.26 million mu of cultivated land, 1 million mu of rice, Heilongjiang rice , covers an area of ​​855,000 mu, and the certified organic rice planting area is 150,000 mu. The rice quality rate is 100%. Increase investment, in recent years, the county founder Han Yu seedlings formed, before dilution of plants, formula fertilization, water-saving irrigation, green plant protection and other supporting cultivation techniques. At the same time, we will actively promote scale and intensive management, and gradually realize seedling factories, produce mechanized and standardized product varieties, plant rice production models, accelerate the transformation of traditional agriculture to modern agriculture, and become a high-quality rice production base in China. The Heilongjiang Rice Market co-sponsored the Beijing and Heilongjiang Fangzheng County Chamber of Commerce, Li Luyuan Organic Food Company.

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