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One pound of rice price is worth ten pounds of meat, and the price of high-end rice gift box is nearly one thousand yuan.

Edit:Yangzhou Ziwei Trading Co., Ltd.UpDate:2016-10-13

One pound of rice is worth ten pounds of meat, and the price of high-end rice gift box is nearly one thousand yuan.

As the Spring Festival approaches, all the goods are packaged into gift boxes to catch the market before the festival. Even the rice, which is quite low-priced on weekdays, has begun to appear in gift boxes. The reporter visited a number of supermarkets in the island city and found that the price of rice above 10 yuan is not uncommon. The price of the most expensive Wuchang rice gift box even reaches several thousand yuan.

High-end rice gift box price is nearly 1,000 yuan

The reporter saw this price-priced rice gift box in a supermarket in Donghai Road. After opening the gift box, ten pounds of rice and five rice are packed in ten golden cardboard boxes. Each box of rice is named as a gold brick and the “purity” of the gift box is indicated by 9.999. But the most embarrassing thing is the price of the gift box of 968 yuan. Consumers who come to buy rice are more attracted to the price and packaging of the rice, but the buyers are embarrassed.

There are quite a few high-end rice like this. A Japanese imported rice produced by COFCO Group sells 200 yuan for 2 kilograms, and Thailand imports rice gift box for 1 kilogram for 100 yuan. At present, the price of ordinary rice on the market is only 3-5 yuan. In other words, the price of the most expensive Wuchang rice on the market is more than 30 times that of ordinary rice.

Ten pounds of rice sifted out a pound of rice

Mr. Peng, who specializes in Wuchang Rice in Qingdao Grain and Oil Wholesale Market, told reporters that the unique geographical environment of Wuchang is very suitable for the growth of rice. Generally speaking, the rainfall and light time of the production site determine the quality of the rice produced, and Wuchang is local. The mid-temperate continental climate, with a frost-free period of 140 days, an average annual precipitation of 608 mm, and an annual sunshine of 2,629 hours, is very suitable for the growth of rice, and the Wuchang rice is also named. In addition, the high-quality Wuchang rice has to be screened through more than a dozen processes. It is possible that 10 kilograms of rice can be used to screen out a pound of high-quality rice.

High-end rice gift box is often used for gift giving

A rice salesperson in the supermarket told reporters that although there are not many people who buy such high-priced rice, there are still people who buy it, especially during the Spring Festival, the demand for the gift market is relatively strong. Jin Ming, manager of Qingdao Shengxiangyi fragrant rice store, said that in the past two years, a lot of high-end rice suddenly appeared. One kilogram of rice can be sold for 50 yuan. This type of rice is generally beautifully packaged and used mainly as a holiday gift. In terms of quality, these rice are sorted out through many processes, plus the cost of manpower, transportation, packaging, etc., so the price is naturally higher than other rice. Consumers who buy high-end rice gift boxes rarely eat themselves, and more than 90% of the purchasers are used to give gifts, so the requirements for external packaging are also exceptionally high.