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Delicious Wuchang rice flower rice on the tip of the tongue

Edit:Yangzhou Ziwei Trading Co., Ltd.UpDate:2017-08-23

Lips and teeth are fragrant, and the grain is true. Rice flower fragrant rice , one grain of rice, but small, but can not be stunned by falling to the ground, but often the most inconspicuous, but often the most unacceptable. Just like a bowl of white rice in your hand, it is the most common, but it is soaked in the fireworks of the world, and cares about the daily diet of the person you love.

Three meals a day, and the time to cook the rice, put the soaked rice flower rice into the rice cooker, open the power supply and go to the vegetable meat to cook, 20 minutes later, the house is full of rice. Scent, can not help but open the rice cooker, steamed rice is clear and translucent, the grain is even, full of plump, rice fragrance, pick a chopsticks into the mouth, ah ~ Q soft soft, thick rice, sweet aftertaste, endure Live a full bowl, Meimei first eat a bowl.

You also don't want to come to a bowl, the best rice in China----Five Changdao Rice Flower Rice !

On May 2, 2014, Wuchang Rice appeared in the CCTV documentary "China's 2. Season on the Tip of the Tongue". "This is China's best rice", a level assessment, so that the original five-time rice, once again attracted the attention of the national food lovers, but also once again put "the weight on the tip of the tongue" in front of us.

Wuchangdao Huaxiang Rice is a specialty of Wuchang City in Heilongjiang Province. According to records, this region has cultivated rice for about 200 years. Regarding its unique mantle, geology, geomorphology, climate, soil and water quality, it should be said that Wuchang is the most important region in the country for the cultivation of japonica rice, and it is also the largest producing county in China. As early as in the Qing court, it was rumored that Cixi "not Heilongjiang Wuchang rice does not eat". Therefore, the Wuchang rice in Heilongjiang has always been the "Gongmi" of the court. In the future, after the founding of the People's Republic of China, Wuchang Rice in Heilongjiang Province has always been designated as the "National Banquet" for the Great Hall of the People. It is named because it has a special aroma and is even fragrant.

Due to the unique ecological environment of the place of origin, the temperature difference is large, the accumulated temperature is high, the water quality is good, the rice is cold and the black soil is rich in beauty, and the essence of the summer sun is abundant. The nutrients are extremely rich, especially calcium, magnesium, barium, zinc, lithium, selenium and other minerals and vitamins. And amino acids are much higher than other rice. Its quality is superior, the rice grains are even like jade, the color is lustrous, the length is long, the rice is overflowing, the meal is slightly sweet, the cotton is soft and sticky, the aroma is refreshing, the surface of the rice grain is beautiful and the leftovers are not reborn. Together with this species, the output is extremely low, so it is more valuable and belongs to the advanced rice.

Wuchangdao Huaxiang Rice has several advantages:

1, incense. In the rice fields, you can smell the scent. The harvested rice is placed in the grain storage. The entire warehouse has the smell of rice and flowers. The processed rice is even more fragrant. The whole room has aroma when cooking. The whole is the biggest feature of rice flower fragrance. Why do many people add rice-scented rice to other rice (perhaps mixing rice before processing, and then entering the processing line together) because his fragrance is very attractive.
2, sweet. Rice flower rice is chewed and has a sweet feeling of sweetness. It is delicious.
3, good taste. It tastes like a chewy head and has a long aftertaste.
4, rich in nutrients. Rich in calcium, magnesium, barium, zinc, lithium, selenium and other minerals and B vitamins and amino acids, far higher than other rice, beneficial gas, spleen and stomach, Yijing Qiangzhi, strong bones and five internal organs, Because the red blood cells supplied by rice are strong, and no foreign protein enters the blood, it can prevent the onset of some allergic skin diseases. Together with the amylopectin content of the rice, it can not be used for sushi rice.

For your family, give yourself a warm and sweet love gift, satisfy your taste buds and warm your stomach. The finest rice-scented rice produced by Zijing Trade, which is carefully prepared for you, (Taohuaxiang No. 2 is the finest in Wuchang Rice), delivers the sweet and soft soft palate to your mouth, and gives you a delicious food feast.