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Why is the selenium-enriched rice in the north bound to fire?

Edit:Yangzhou Ziwei Trading Co., Ltd.UpDate:2017-05-11

The popularity of selenium-enriched rice in the northeast is scientifically justified. At present, there are two production methods for selenium-enriched rice in Northeast China. One is to uniformly apply the selenium-enriched yield-increasing agent to the foliar sprayer in the morning and evening of the sunny day, and after the selenium is absorbed by the rice plant, the inorganic selenium is converted into organic selenium and stored in rice. in. By eating this type of rice, people can absorb organic selenium.

Another type of selenium-enriched rice is rich in selenium in the local soil where rice is grown, and the produced rice naturally contains selenium. Xintian County, located in Yongzhou City, Hunan Province, is known as the “original eco-selenium-rich food base county”. The rice produced here is made up of selenium-enriched rice by absorbing the selenium in the soil during the growth process, which is highly appreciated by people.

Why do you praise the selenium-enriched rice in the northeast?

Selenium is an indispensable trace element in the human body. It participates in many metabolic activities, immune defense and detoxification processes of the human body. The long-term lack of selenium in the human body will cause a series of health problems, such as myocardial lesions and liver lesions. Endemic disease - Keshan disease is caused by selenium deficiency.

According to statistics, there are more than 40 countries and regions in the world lacking selenium. Two-thirds of China's land is an internationally recognized selenium-deficient area, involving 22 provinces (cities, districts), of which Su, Zhe, and Anhui are serious. In the selenium-deficient area, the selenium intake of about 700 million people in the country is seriously insufficient for a long time. China's per capita selenium intake is only 36 micrograms / day, significantly lower than the minimum recommended value of the Chinese Nutrition Society and the World Health Organization 50 micrograms and 60 micrograms per day, less than 1/3 of Japan and the United States, nutrition experts Yu Ruomu called for " It is necessary to grasp the work of supplementing selenium for the whole people like grasping iodine."

The market size of China's selenium-enriched agricultural products is roughly 5 billion yuan, and it is showing a rapid development trend. There are about 21 counties in the country producing selenium-enriched rice and miscellaneous grains. More than 300 patents have been developed for selenium products, of which 15 patents have been internationally authorized. There are more than 300 companies producing selenium products nationwide; 5 national and industry standards. 5 provincial-level local standards and a number of corporate standards. In terms of industry cycle theory, the industry is just in its infancy, and most people have no clear and clear understanding of selenium-related health products and food.

Based on the current situation of selenium deficiency in China, and selenium-enriched agricultural products to a large extent meet the needs of people to scientifically supplement selenium to improve health, it seems that the prospect of selenium-enriched agriculture in China is very broad, mainly in the following points:

First, the selenium-deficient region is extensive, and the market potential of selenium products is huge. China is a selenium-deficient country. In 72% of the regions, about 700 million people live in selenium-deficient and low-selenium ecosystems. Large and medium-sized cities such as North China, Northeast China and Northwest China are all selenium-deficient areas.

Under the background of the increasing nutritional requirements of Chinese residents for food, the development of selenium resources, the use of selenium resources, and the development of selenium industry are booming in China. In recent years, many products such as selenium-enriched rice, selenium-enriched tea, selenium-enriched garlic and selenium-rich vegetables have become popular in the market. The selenium-enriched industry has become the most characteristic, most promising, promising market and economically sound industry.

Second, selenium-enriched agricultural products have higher economic value and promote regional economic development. Selenium-enriched agriculture is a characteristic agriculture, and its products are of high quality and have high economic added value. Natural selenium-enriched agricultural products are basically the same as ordinary agricultural products production methods and production materials, but have higher economic value. The selenium-enriched products are wide in variety and the technology is basically mature. It can lengthen the industrial chain and have a large industry to play a role. It forms a combination of planting, aquaculture, processing, logistics and tourism, and the linkage of various industries to promote regional economy. development of.

Selenium-enriched agriculture development strategy

Based on a large number of market research and industrial research analysis, in the development of selenium-enriched agriculture, we must adhere to local conditions and develop characteristic selenium-enriched agriculture; we will process selenium-enriched agricultural products and develop new selenium-enriched products; strengthen the brand-building of selenium-enriched agriculture and develop rich Selenium culture.

(1) Adhere to local conditions and develop characteristics-rich selenium agriculture. According to the development of various local agricultural industries, adhere to the principle of “development of land, concentrating contiguous land, saving land, highlighting key points, and promoting step by step”. When planning key selenium-enriched industries, priority should be given to the development of basic conditions and obvious production advantages. Improve the industry with a large space.

(2) To process strong selenium-enriched agricultural products and develop new selenium-enriched products. Selenium-enriched processing enterprises are the main force and important driving force for the development of selenium-enriched industries. They play an active role in the conversion process of products into commodities and base docking markets. Therefore, in selenium-enriched agriculture, we must pay attention to strengthening the processing of selenium-enriched agricultural products. Develop new selenium-enriched products. Selenium-enriched products should be transformed from low-level to high-level, from a single variety to a multi-type rich, raw material distribution to deep processing products, forming a series of high-value-added, high-recognition deep-processing products, focusing on products to create core competitiveness.

(3) Strengthen the branding of selenium-enriched agriculture and develop a selenium-rich culture. The promotion of the brand of selenium-enriched agricultural products not only enhances the popularity of selenium-enriched agricultural products, but also reflects the unique natural resource advantages and cultural tourism resources of the place, and can make the selenium-enriched agricultural product base a tourist attraction. For example, Enshi held the "China Selenium Girl" - the Poly Selenium Image Ambassador Competition, not only to promote selenium-enriched products and selenium health industry, but also to show the new face of Enshi's development of "health capital".

Saying: The emergence of selenium-enriched products reflects the increasing demand for food on the table with the continuous improvement of the living standards of urban and rural people. It is not only good quality, good food, but also nutrition and health. Changes in market demand also mean that we need to make changes from quantity to quality when we provide products. High-quality, high-quality products are the focus of current and future market demand.

Yangzhou Zijing Trading is committed to improving the dietary structure of Chinese people under the guidance of the market, improving everyone's scientific understanding of the selenium-enriched rice in the Northeast, and providing the best and most secure products to consumers.

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