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Wuchang Rice Association to create the highest specification dinner, welcome new rice market!

Edit:Yangzhou Ziwei Trading Co., Ltd.UpDate:2017-05-19

After the spring, summer and autumn harvests, the rice fields in Wuchang City of Heilongjiang are still endless. The farmers who have been farming for generations can't hide the joy of winter, because they have harvested the best rice in the world for another year. - Wuchang rice flower fragrant rice. Today, this unique "Five Changmi, Daohuaxiang" and Xinmi listing press conference was held in this harvested rice field. It means that the harvest of Wuchang rice in the first quarter of the year has ended in the fall, and the new rice will also go through the “three guarantees and one yards” traceability process, and will continue to go to people's table.

Blessed with the five rare, planted the "best rice"

The press conference was led by the Wuchang Rice Association. Zhang Wanping, deputy mayor of Harbin, attended the conference and delivered a speech. Zhang Wanping highlighted the Wuchang new rice traceability system and the innovation of agriculture and the Internet, especially the cooperation and achievements with Tmall.

He pointed out that Wuchang rice has a long history of cultivation, dating back to the Tang Dynasty in the early Tang Dynasty. In the Qing Dynasty (1853), it became the imperial tribute, known as the "millennial rice, a hundred years of glutinous rice." A long history of precipitation and accumulation, hard work and wisdom and nature have long been combined to create a unique quality, can not be copied the distinctive regional characteristics, Wuchang rice has won the geographical indication certification mark, the origin of the regional protection mark, China's famous brand products, China's well-known trademarks Four crowns. In 2015, in the regional brand value evaluation carried out by the AQSIQ, the brand value of Wuchang Rice was 42.592 billion yuan, ranking first in China's rice category.

(The press conference attended the leadership to dump the new rice in the rice bucket to celebrate the harvest of the Wuchang new rice)

There is a saying, China's delicious rice is in the northeast, and good northeast rice is in Wuchang. Located in the southern part of Heilongjiang Province, Wuchang is one of the world's three major black soil belts. The frost-free period is 140 days, the average annual precipitation is 608 mm, and the annual sunshine is 2629 hours. The three major water systems in the territory are criss-crossed, with abundant sunshine and natural river water irrigation. The long-term mature high-quality late-maturing variety of rice scent, which makes the Wuchang rice unique and unique, has undergone centuries of intensive cultivation and craft inheritance, and is called "the best rice in China".

Wuchang City has planted Wuchangdao Huaxiang rice almost everywhere. This year, Wuchang farmers still insist on organic farming methods. They only rely on the strength of artificial and ecological. The harvested rice has the color, fragrance and taste that ordinary rice can't compare. The quality is superior and the rice is even. The rice is white and bright, and the color is bright. The rice flower of the five rice is delicious, the taste is light and slightly sweet, the cotton is soft and refreshing, the rice and rice are delicious, and the surface of the rice is bright and shiny, the food is slightly sticky, one bowl of rice is folded to another bowl, and the empty bowl is not filled with rice. And the bowl is covered with oil beads, and the leftovers are not regenerated, which is caused by high amylopectin content. Even if the same variety uses the same technology, the rice quality will change when the five permanent regions are replanted to other regions.

Bringing together the world's top ingredients to create the "highest meal"

In history, there has never been a rice conference that, like this one, not only earned eyeballs from the rice field, but also won the applause through the “highest meal”. At the press conference, this lunch made up of the world's top 10 ingredients, in addition to French foie gras, Russian caviar, Australian lobster, Kobe beef, silver dragon squid, saffron, pine mushroom, Italian Podolico cheese, 82 years of Lafite There is also China's Wuchang rice, which is the new rice released this time.

(The only staple food for lunch: Wuchang Rice)

This lunch invited the local chefs to personally take care of the scene. At the scene of the food production, the scent of Wuchangdao fragrant rice that is being cooked is overflowing with the wind and full of fragrance. When the rice is cooked, other foods are also served on the table, making people mouth watering. The guests who tasted the top feast of this meal said that as the only staple food of this lunch, only the mellow rice like Wuchang rice can be worthy of the delicious taste of foie gras and caviar.

(Foodies Dong Keping guests are enjoying lunch)

At the same time, famous food critic, "Food Tips on China" and Dong Keping, expert advisor of the APEC Beijing Leaders Summit, were also invited to participate in the evaluation of this highest-spec lunch. After the meal, he praised:

"This is the top of the rice I have ever eaten. It is not like the aura of some foreign rice with a brand. This is the rice planted on our own land. This white land grows so white and delicious rice. This is what it should be. It should be a pursuit of our quality of life, and it is not difficult to buy, it is around us."

Unique traceability system, each rice has an "identity card"

People take food as their first priority and things as a priority. With the social popularity and market recognition of Wuchang Rice, there have been many blending and counterfeit products on the market, and there have been cases of “five permanent rice false worlds, world rice chaos five times”. In order to enable consumers to eat pure and healthy Wuchang rice, the Wuchang government has fully carried out the construction and protection of Wuchang rice brand, and built the first agricultural rice IoT service center in the province, and established the Wuchang rice traceability service system. , indeed seed, indeed input, quality inspection, thin code anti-counterfeiting, to achieve no trace of the corner from the field to the table, set up the Wuchang glutinous rice network, as the only designated website of the Wuchang Municipal People's Government, will trace the source of rice products on the website On the release, at the same time, the package is printed with anti-counterfeiting thin code, so that each piece of Wuchang rice products has an identity card, consumers can scan through thin code, that is, to see the growth of rice products.

Since the beginning of this year, Wuchang City and Alibaba Group have launched a full range of diversified and in-depth cooperation from quality supervision, market regulation and joint marketing. Through the establishment of Wuchang Rice official flagship store, franchise stores and stores, the construction of rural e-commerce integrated services. The center, warehouse logistics system, agricultural product quality assurance and traceability system promoted the two-way circulation of “net goods to the countryside” and “five permanent rice into the city”, and built an online marketing platform for Wuchang rice to seize the high-end market. At present, 46 enterprises in the city have settled in the official flagship store of Tmall.com, which sells 1.5 million tons of rice, and the online transaction volume has exceeded 2 million yuan.

Today, Wuchang Rice is famous all over the world.