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Society|Abounding of selenium-rich rice and apples in the northeast, where is China's selenium in Ningxia?

Edit:Yangzhou Ziwei Trading Co., Ltd.UpDate:2017-05-28

On the 13th, the Northeast China Selenium-enriched Rice Chinese Nutrition Society awarded Wuzhong City the honorary title of “China Selenium”. Since the discovery of selenium-rich resources, the Wuzhong Municipal Party Committee and the government have attached great importance to the development of a strategic decision to promote the health industry and create a “seed selenium”. With the strong support of the relevant bureaus of the autonomous region, the development of selenium-enriched industry in Wuzhong City has achieved initial results, and the two trademarks of selenium products such as “Selenium Selenium” and “Silu Selenium Valley” have been registered and registered with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. A common trademark and 18 corporate trademarks.

The Chinese Nutrition Society awarded the certificate and naming of “China Selenium” by Wuzhong City after being declared, certified and inspected. According to Huo Xiaojun, member of the Standing Committee of Wuzhong Municipal Committee and deputy mayor, Wuzhong City has compiled the “Five-Year Development Plan for Selenium Industry in Wuzhong City (2016-2020)”, and completed the distribution map of selenium resources in Wuzhong City. The investigation on the distribution of selenium-enriched resources in Xia City provided scientific and reliable basis for the development of selenium-enriched industries in the local area; the establishment of the Northeast Se-enriched Rice Agricultural Products Association, 48 companies became the first members to join in; around selenium-enriched rice, flour, apples, eggs, etc. For selenium-enriched agricultural products, 29 selenium-enriched agricultural products production trials were carried out, and 13 selenium-enriched agricultural products experimental demonstration bases such as Saiwaixiang and Fafulai were built, and 40,000 mu of selenium-enriched agricultural production base was built.

Huo Xiaojun said that in the future, Wuzhong City will further seize development opportunities, seize the commanding heights of selenium resources development, promote the upgrading and development of selenium-enriched agriculture, insert the selenium wings for the development of the first, second and third industries, foster new economic growth poles, and promote Wuzhong City. The agricultural market has changed to a strong agricultural city.