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Heilongjiang rice network has been built in Heilongjiang Province

Edit:Yangzhou Ziwei Trading Co., Ltd.UpDate:2017-04-18

Heilongjiang Daily News on the 12th (Reporter Zhang Guiying) In accordance with the provincial government's plan to strengthen the marketing transformation of agricultural products, the province will speed up the construction of Heilongjiang rice network, and start the marketing of the agricultural products on the line of the province's agricultural products, the province's efforts to bring rice The network has built a comprehensive service platform for agricultural products marketing in the province, in order to drive the innovation of agricultural product marketing model in our province, and to change the market situation of single-player marketing and one-house market in the past. This is what the reporter learned from the provincial rice marketing promotion work conference held in Harbin on the 12th.
In April 2016, the Provincial Agricultural Committee started the construction of the Heilongjiang rice network. After nearly one year of operation, it achieved remarkable results. Not only did the online peer-to-peer and online match trading models be organized, but also the online auction trading market was built, and the attention and click volume increased rapidly. In order to give full play to the e-commerce function of rice network and promote the “selling well” of Heilongjiang agricultural products, our province decided to establish a rice network subsidiary in various places, and launch the agricultural products with the overall organization structure of “Heilongjiang Rice Network Operation Company + Local Subsidiaries”. Marketing. Heilongjiang Rice Network Operation Company is responsible for the construction of an open business portal, opening ports for all counties and cities, establishing county and city online malls on the rice network platform, organizing marketing planning, brand promotion and market development, and coordinating the management of local subsidiaries. All counties and cities should establish a rice network subsidiary and an e-commerce platform, organize local agricultural products to display and sell rice, and independently take orders, and all the taxes generated will be left to the local. The core purpose of building this operating model is to promote marketing in the province and facilitate online transactions.
According to reports, as the main platform for the integration of agricultural products e-commerce resources in the province, although the name is “rice network”, the agricultural products traded on rice online have been expanded to miscellaneous grains, vegetables, edible fungi, mountain products, livestock products, etc. The full coverage of agricultural products in the province will be realized before the end of the year. At the same time, Heilongjiang Rice Network Operation Company has a business relationship with its subsidiaries and has no affiliation. All related services provided by Heilongjiang Rice Network are free of charge. By the end of May, at least 100 enterprises and cooperatives in each county and city will enter the rice network, and green food and agricultural products with quality traceability systems will all be displayed on the line.