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Heilongjiang rice rice adulteration is like Wuchang rice? Jingzhihua for your detailed interpretation

Edit:Yangzhou Ziwei Trading Co., Ltd.UpDate:2017-02-14

Wuchang rice adulteration chaos like you eat really five rice? Jingzhihua for your detailed interpretation  

Heilongjiang rice, known as "China's geographical indication protection products" and "China famous brand products", has won the favor of consumers all over the country with its unique quality. However, in recent years, market chaos such as “high price” and “admixed” of Wuchang rice has been frequently exposed.

According to a survey conducted by the reporter, the annual output of Wuchang rice in Wuchang City is at most 1.05 million tons, but industry insiders estimate that the “five-day rice” sold on the national market has at least 10 million tons. This means that a large number of Wuchang rice in the market are fake. In addition, the so-called Wuchang “reconciliation meter” has spawned the “stitching” industry. Many of the “energy people” in Wuchang City have collected rice from other places and sold them to processing enterprises. The profits are very considerable.

The mystery of production: Where come so many five regular rice

The reporter saw a supermarket in Xiangfang District, Harbin, a few days ago, dozens of bags of "five Changxiang rice" placed in a very conspicuous place. Although this rice packaging is marked with the words “Five Chang” and “Heilongjiang Wuchang High-quality Rice Production Base”, its origin is actually “Harbin Xiangfang District”. In addition to the origin of the non-conformity, the sales price of this rice is also extremely low. In general, the price of pure Wuchang rice is at least 5 yuan to 6 yuan, but the price of the supermarket is 3.5 yuan.

It is understood that the best variety of Wuchang rice is Wuyoudao No. 4, and the brand of Wuchang Rice is based on it. Zhao Chunlei, deputy director of the Wuchang Municipal Market Supervision Administration, believes that all rice grown in the Wuchang City area can theoretically be called Wuchang Rice. Qin Liming, deputy director of the Agricultural Bureau of Wuchang City, calculated the book: The rice planting area of ​​the city is about 2.2 million mu, calculated based on 1,500 kg of rice per mu, with an annual output of 1.5 million tons of rice. Even at the highest yield of 70%, the annual rice production will not exceed 1.05 million tons. However, industry insiders estimate that the “five-day rice” sold in the national market has at least 10 million tons. It is no wonder that even local rice farmers are questioning: "There are so many rice productions in Wuchang, and all the oysters all over the country are eating Wuchang rice?"

Quality 虞: “Reconciliation of rice” is not considered “ adulteration”

In July 2010, the media exposed the incident of foreign companies incorporating rice into the rice to make up the rice flower fragrance. Wuchang Rice suffered the brand crisis for the first time. " Adulteration" has become a smudge topic of Wuchang rice.

The reporter's investigation found that Wuchang's "reconciliation of rice" gave birth to the so-called "stitching" industry. Many Wuchang City's “enable people” collect rice from the outside and sell it to Wuchang City's processing enterprises. They can earn 3 to 5 cents if they change their hands.

In a report of the Wuchang Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision last year, there was a more detailed explanation of “reconciliation rice”. First, it was made up of rice and rice flowers in the field, not labeled “five-day rice”; The rice flower fragrance is blended and marked with “five-day rice”; the third is the blending of rice from the field and other rice varieties of Wuchang, marked “five-day rice”.

Some enterprises in Wuchang City retorted that due to the high cost of planting, purchasing and processing pure organic rice, the market price is naturally high, and ordinary people cannot afford it. Thus, "harmonious rice" came into being.

Difficulties in supervision: the government is fighting everywhere

Since being exposed to the problem of adulteration in the media in 2010, Wuchang City has organized quality supervision, industry and commerce, taxation, public security, and agricultural committees to carry out special rectification of the city's rice market to eliminate the phenomenon of blending flavor and waxing rice. However, with the diversification of the market environment and consumer demand, some companies have begun to play the "edge ball" in order to profit, and some new market economic phenomena also need to be defined.

Being counterfeited in different places is another dilemma facing Wuchang Rice. At the end of 2014, Wuchang City was led by a deputy mayor and organized more than 10 anti-counterfeiting teams. They made special trips to Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenyang and other places to defend their rights. It is found that all the localities are playing the "edge ball". There are not many trademarks that use the "five-day rice" completely. Some product packagings marked with "Five Chang Yu Gong", "Five Changdao Huaxiang" and "Five Chang Rice Quality Production Base" are more realistic. Does not constitute obvious infringement.

Du Zechun, deputy mayor of Wuchang City, believes that the government should innovate supervision methods, increase supervision, and establish a quality and safety traceability system. At the same time, enterprises should strengthen the concept of "integrity" and establish and protect their own brands. At the same time, how to enlarge the brand effect and lengthen and strengthen the entire industrial chain is a problem that government departments need to focus on in the process of agricultural industrialization.

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