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Rice group purchase, social service function is prominent

Edit:Yangzhou Ziwei Trading Co., Ltd.UpDate:2016-10-13

Wowo Group sells rice group purchase social service function prominently

With the care and support of all walks of life, the rice group purchase "rice selling rice" initiated by Wowo Group in Beijing was over. In just two weeks, the group buying website such as Wowo Group helped the “Difficult Heroes” Ren Zhongji to sell 70 tons of Wuchang rice.

The microblogging community has given love to all walks of life.

The reason arises from a microblog of a university beauty teacher Zhu Xi: "Five permanent rice model diemaker Zhong Ji master was fooled by a person in Beijing. From the five regulars, a hundred tons of rice was not used, and it was not possible to contact. It only sold for 20 tons in a few months..."

Soon after the microblog was issued, nearly 10,000 people were forwarded by netizens. This incident alerted the special assistant of the president of Wowo Group, Mr. Yang Guoqiang. Mr. Yang immediately verified the authenticity of the matter and quickly contacted the people at that time. Communication, Wowo Group finally decided to help the old man to sell the more than 70 tons of rice.

The sale of the rice group in the Wowo Group has been enthusiastically received and supported by all walks of life.

The sales volume of rice has obviously increased several times. More and more people have scored their calls. Coupled with the widespread spread of Wowo Group’s charity sale on Weibo, more and more people have called them. The mobile phone has almost no leisure time all day long.

The logistics trucks from the Wowo Group website will travel to and from the warehouses of the city and Fangshan Dou. At the same time, there are also many citizens who have cars, they personally drive to pick up the goods, and even include many units and enterprises. They said: "We buy rice , one can help the master to get rid of difficulties. First, Wuchang rice is really good. Just give benefits to your colleagues."

As the incident has been widely concerned by the community, some large e-commerce websites and Internet websites have also contacted Wowo Group, hoping to help the master, but in the end, because the stock rice has been sold, these websites have to regret giving up.

The "social function" of Wowo Group is highlighted

70 tons of love rice is short-term out of stock through the group purchase website, not only a successful social welfare action, but also reflects the social service function of the group purchase website. This love rice event is not only a successful group purchase promotion, but also a classic case that reflects the social function of group purchase and helps the product to open its popularity.

70 tons of rice was sold out of stock in the short term, which not only proved the sales ability of the group purchase website, but also fully demonstrated the features of the group purchase website, which is flexible and easy to adjust.

According to Yang Guoqiang, the head of the public relations department of Beijing Wowo Group, at the beginning, they used the 15 yuan logistics fee to send the group purchase sales situation to the whole country. However, with the popularity of sales, in order to help Mr. Ren to sell these rice faster, The Wowo Group immediately launched the local self-selling sales method, and the rice was quickly out of stock in the online and offline mode of the Wowo Group.

At the same time, through the promotion of websites such as Wowo Group, the old couple's rice opened up in Beijing and opened up sales channels. With the expansion of the impact of the incident, many love companies that buy rice have already offered to express their continued cooperation in the future. Even when they were re-elected, they both laughed and said: "I didn't expect that our rice was notorious for this disaster. Our rice is famous and we have been recognized by the Beijingers. We are also willing to open a new market in Beijing in the future."