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Talking about the development of red bean barley powder in the whole grain and flour industry

Edit:Yangzhou Ziwei Trading Co., Ltd.UpDate:2016-09-27

Talking about the development of red bean barley powder in the whole grain and flour industry

Release time:2016-9-26 14:30

As the society develops, we all know that the essence of whole grains is a variety of nutrients and phytochemicals that are good for health. Different kinds of grains contain different functional ingredients, different tastes and nutritional values, and the effects and benefits to the human body. The effect is also different. In particular, each grain has some nutritional defects, and the reasonable combination of miscellaneous grains will produce a significant synergistic effect. The following small series is mainly for everyone to introduce. On the basis of the ancient diet group, the red bean barley powder can be used alone or in combination with the use of modern research results and advanced production techniques and techniques. Balanced, outstanding function, healthy, and distinctive features for all ages, it is well received by consumers. Its own land, self-planting "raw materials; in the production and sales links, enterprises "self-built factories, self-processing, independent sales" of their own products, product safety is absolutely guaranteed. Generally appear in the form of red bean rice, red bean porridge, red bean paste, etc. It has always been favored. Since ancient times, there have been many scholars who have used red beans to pinpoint Acacia and have the reputation of Acacia. It also gives a better meaning to this already nutritious red bean.

In summary, we follow the “dietary diversity principle”, the preferred method is to balance the meal. Eating mixed grains should be reasonably matched. The nutritional value of mixed foods is higher than that of eating alone. It is in line with the principle of nutritional complementarity, not only can achieve comprehensive nutrition, but also improve the utilization of food nutrition.

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