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Seven methods - let your eyes look at the true and false five-day rice flower rice, it is worth knowing

Edit:Yangzhou Ziwei Trading Co., Ltd.UpDate:2017-04-10

Recently, I have always seen a friend who is engaged in grain and oil wholesale complaining in the circle, saying that the recent market is getting harder and harder to do. I have to find another way out. I want to take care of it in recent years. His business is actually good. I bought a house in my hometown. However, since the five-year-old rice flower fragrant rice he promoted now, after the exposure of fake goods on the Internet, his business has also been awkward. The previous month’s turnover was nearly 10,000 pieces, but now it is only 2,000 a month, in his place. Fortunately, but if you go to a big city like Shenzhen, it will not survive.
The annual output of 800,000 tons has sold 10 million tons. It is conceivable how fierce the market is. I can bitter my friend, the family's livelihood... as a loyal fan of Wuchang Rice,
Of course, it is not allowed to mix rice with carcinogens such as cow yolk, alkaline rose yellow, rose red-b, orange-ss, chili oil pigment, etc. For this reason, some small common senses have been specially arranged, which is shared with friends who often eat Wuchang rice in the circle. We:
1, from the price to identify, I believe that a penny of goods.
The purchase price of the real Wuchangdao Huaxiang rice in the place of production must be more than 4 yuan / kg, so in the retail market is less than 5 yuan / kg, not fake or adulteration of "convection meters" or "reconciliation meters."
2. Select the enterprise products of the rice supply base in Wuchang, Heilongjiang, so that the quality guarantees that some enterprises that supply rice full-time and large-scale grain production enterprises have strict product quality control system, and the brand awareness is high, it is possible to ensure that the flowers of Wuchangdao are Its true origin.
3. If the product is produced in the core production area of ​​Longfengshan, the world's three famous black belts in Wuchang City, Heilongjiang Province, there will be basically no problems.
4, look at the qualified standards of rice varieties to see if it is rice fragrant rice varieties, such as rice flower fragrant rice variety 2, natural health, does not contain genetically modified.
5, look at the rice color five rare "rice flower" rice color is white, translucent, pointed. After making rice, the rice is transparent and bright, and the ordinary long-grain rice is milky white.
6, hand rubbing method check "put the rice in your hand, the flavor of the rice will leave a strong fragrance on the hands, the taste of the rice is shallow. And the real "rice flower" after the end, the hands are very light The scent of the rice will become more and more fragrant.
7, identity verification, rice also has true and false serious procedures and methods to choose rice bags with "identity card" on the five permanent rice flower rice. Rice “identity certification” is the quality traceability system of agricultural products. The Wuchang Municipal Government has established the five-standard rice quality standard, and through the DNA test, the information is injected into the “two-dimensional anti-counterfeiting chip”, so that each bag of “five permanent rice” has “identity certification”. All information will be entered into the China Product Quality Electronic Supervision Network. If you buy it home, you can check the authenticity through the Internet or by phone. It is the most direct and reliable way to distinguish!