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[Heilongjiang TV Station] The production of 10,000 mu of northeast selenium-enriched rice industrial base in Helen City has been fully launched.

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[Heilongjiang TV Station] The production of 10,000 mu of selenium-enriched industrial base in Helen City has been fully launched.

Heilongjiang TV Station Helen City Health Helen (News Night Flight) · 2016-04-10 15:00



Helen City is located in the hinterland of Songnen Plain. The total cultivated area is 4.65 million mu. In 2014, the grain production was 3.3 billion jin. The production of selenium-rich rice in Northeast China is also amazing. It has been ranked among the national grain-producing counties for 12 consecutive years and has been recognized by the state as “China’s hometown of high-quality soybeans”, “Hometown of high-starch corn in China”, “Hometown of Chinese sweet-sweet mushrooms” and “Hometown of Chinese sugar beets”. How can a large agricultural county like this create a new road with local characteristics in the development of agricultural products market? The reporter took this question to Helen City for an investigation and interview.

Fully launch the "Selenium" brand

"In agriculture, vigorously develop special varieties, which is not new in the country. Heilongjiang Province is a cold soil black belt, and the development of green organic agriculture with natural advantages has become a general trend." Helen City Party Secretary Wang Xuebin analyzed, "Like us In the big agricultural counties, it is necessary to expand the agricultural product market. It is not possible to rely on the large-scale varieties, and it is not good to go green and organic food. The market economy pays attention to 'people without me, people have me excellent', and Helen agriculture must accelerate development and development, and must take a different approach. Since last year, we have found a way to make full use of the unique advantages of selenium in our land here."

Selenium is a non-metallic element that has anti-oxidation, enhances human immunity, regulates multivitamin absorption and protein synthesis, enhances reproductive function, and fights cancer. The human body must be deficient in selenium.

Through the national project test, the Heilongjiang Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources has published authoritative data. The soil in the southern towns of Helen has been tested for selenium in the soil (the northern towns and towns are being tested), and the soil selenium content is between 0.3-0.8 mg/kg, which is the only in Heilongjiang. In the selenium-rich core area of ​​Sanjiang Plain and Songnen Plain, the selenium enrichment rates of soybean and rice reached 75% and 60% respectively. The Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources is conducting detailed testing in the city again.

“As far as the preliminary results of the current citywide inspection are concerned, all of our 4.65 million mu of cultivated land is selenium-rich land.” Zhang Tiefeng, deputy head of Helen City Selenium Industry Leading Group, said, “This means all that Helen City has planted. All agricultural products are selenium-rich. Once such an industrial chain is formed, it will quickly seize the national high-end agricultural products market."

Helen, a selenium-rich treasure, is naturally rich in selenium when it comes out, and it is between the content of the human body. This is unmatched by other products that add selenium to agricultural products. How to solve the problem of having a baby for a long time but "no one knows in the deep palace?" Helen City has specially set up a “Leading Group for the Protection of Geographical Indications Products”. Wang Xuebin, the secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, personally served as the team leader. As the “No.1 Project”, more than 40 people from relevant departments and townships worked hard for one year, and the first batch received the national quality. Two national geographical indication protection product certificates issued by the General Administration of Inspection and Quarantine issued by Helen Soybean and Helen Rice. On this basis, Helen City has carried out public brand registration and product promotion work intensively, and has a strong brand of organic selenium-enriched agricultural products in the black soil, and comprehensively improved the influence of Helen's selenium-enriched industry in the country. We launched a publicity and promotion campaign for green selenium-enriched agricultural products, and hired a professional team in Beijing to plan and publicize Helen's green selenium-enriched agricultural products, and strive to enhance product awareness and create “black soil in the cold and selenium in the north”.

Thick planting selenium industry advantage

In order to concentrate on the development advantages of thick selenium-enriched industries and expand the road of agricultural development characterized by Helen, they have formulated the “2015-2020 Selenium-enriched Industry Development Plan” on the basis of comprehensive and in-depth investigation and research, from planting and processing to Sales of all aspects of scientific guidance of the city's selenium-rich industry development.

This year is the first year of large-scale development of selenium-enriched industries. The city has adopted the method of order farming to implement a planting area of ​​500,000 mu of selenium-enriched agricultural products, including 200,000 mu of soybeans, 200,000 mu of rice, 90,000 mu of corn and potatoes. And other special economic crops of 10,000 mu. They also ran the Chinese Academy of Sciences several times, and strived to set up an ecological test station and a geophysical test station in Helen, the Chinese Academy of Sciences to conduct comprehensive black land protection and production trials, and formulated rice, soybean, and corn AA grade green selenium-enriched food specifications. The ridge, corn, soybean, sorghum, scallions and other crops are densely planted, soil testing and formula fertilization, rice intelligent germination, greenhouse saplings, early maturity, comprehensive control of pests and diseases, deep pine preparation and other advanced technologies have achieved the selenium-rich treasure Good experience.

In the extension of the selenium-enriched industrial chain, Zhang Tiefeng told reporters that they have cultivated 19 leading enterprises in the processing industry, including 6 provincial-level leading enterprises and 13 municipal-level leading enterprises, engaged in the development of selenium-enriched industries. A batch of selenium-enriched corn processing based on “wild field food” has emerged. Rice processing based on “winning autumn rice industry” and “selenium rice industry” is the processing of soybeans based on “Longhai food”. The “Zhongxiang Agricultural and Non-staple Food” and “Wild Thai Food”-based vegetable and wild vegetable processing leading enterprise groups have extended the selenium-enriched industry development chain. At present, it is negotiating with Zhongshi Group, Chengdu Harbin Chamber of Commerce and other enterprises and associations, striving for large-scale grain production and processing enterprises to settle in as soon as possible, and accelerate the development of selenium-enriched industries.

In the sales of selenium-enriched agricultural products, this year, Helen City and the National Agricultural Products Fair, the provincial green food trading week, the Harbin Trade Fair, the Qiqihar Green Expo, the Suihua high-quality vegetable production and marketing matchmaking and other sales platforms, a comprehensive docking cooperation Through the establishment of Helen sales display platform to mass sales of the city's green selenium-enriched agricultural products. At the same time, they also established a cooperative relationship with China Organic Mall and established the Hailun Pavilion. The city's Longhai Food, Bugu Food, Wild Thai Food, Selenium Rice Industry, Wilderness Food and many other companies have joined the China Organic Mall. It involves many product types such as soybean, corn, selenium-enriched rice and vegetables in Northeast China . At present, they are negotiating and negotiating with online sellers such as Alibaba and No. 1 shop, striving to develop e-commerce cooperation business as soon as possible, and carry out online and offline sales business. It is estimated that online sales in 2015 will reach more than 100 million yuan.

Committed to making the selenium-rich industry stronger and bigger

"It is our responsibility to keep the selenium in the selenium, and let the treasures shine." Wang Xuebin, secretary of the Hailun Municipal Party Committee, stressed that "we have found a road to characteristic agriculture in Fuminqiang City. In the future, we must work hard to make our city's selenium-rich industry." Strong and big."

The so-called strong, the core is in the "quality", is to ensure that the agricultural products are green and organic while selenium. To this end, this year, Heilongjiang City carried out the construction of smart agriculture such as rice, corn, soybeans and greenhouse vegetables. Through the "Internet +" to comprehensively improve the level of agricultural cultivation, promote the leap of traditional agriculture to modern agricultural quality, and form a "production record, The full traceability system of production can be queried, flowable, and traceable. The next step is to work hard to expand the coverage of “Internet +” and to cover all traceable systems of agricultural products that are branded with Helen. As long as consumers scan the bar code, the product "born", the various quality standards are clear and clear, who buys who can rest assured.

The so-called big, the key is "quantity", is to get the scale of selenium-enriched agricultural products as soon as possible. On the base of planting 500,000 mu this year, the “Double Hundred” project will be implemented. Namely: to build 1 million mu of core area of ​​green selenium-enriched agricultural production base; to build 1 million square meters of selenium-enriched product processing enterprise park, recruit large enterprises and famous enterprises, and cluster to develop selenium-enriched industries.

Facing the future, Helen City Planning: Adhere to the green guidance, ecologically establish the market, and take the selenium-enriched industry as a characteristic industry with rich people and strong city, and continue to adhere to the idea of ​​“base scale, product standardization, market branding, and sales specialization”. The principle is to form a modern selenium-enriched industrial cluster based on the development of modern agricultural technology, supported by high-quality products and based on resource conservation and utilization, to create an “original selenium brand” based on local, national and global. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the selenium-enriched rice industry in Northeast China was cultivated into the leading industry and the wealth-rich industry in the city.