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What are the benefits of selenium-rich rice in the Northeast?

Edit:Yangzhou Ziwei Trading Co., Ltd.UpDate:2016-10-13

What are the benefits of selenium-rich rice in the Northeast?

News source:2016-09-01 01:24

Ms. Wang, the city contact me: There are many selenium-enriched agricultural and sideline products in the market now, helping to absorb nutrients. So what are the health benefits of selenium-enriched rice in the Northeast ?

Yancheng City Food Safety and Nutrition Professional Committee Deputy Director, “Tianjin Feng” Northeast Organic General Agent, Harbin Beidahuang Green Non-GMO Rice Shen Kaibin Yancheng always sells oil and food industry:

Northeast selenium-rich rice organic trace element selenium combined with traditional agricultural planting techniques, and select high-quality varieties in a beautiful environment, no pollution, good planting area, water environment management of water and fertilizer, medicine, agricultural production Strictly follow the requirements to achieve the cultivation of varieties, instead of using high-toxic, high-residue pesticides. After maturity, use modern equipment for processing. Make sure that the rice grains are neat, white, crystal clear, pure taste, and fragrant. The essence is to retain the original rice and add selenium to benefit the body and mind, and the staff is fully equipped.

1. Hypoglycemia, the study found that people with diabetes are significantly lower than the average healthy person, clothing products containing selenium can improve the symptoms of diabetes, selenium can improve the glucose tolerance of diabetic patients; in recent years, studies have shown that selenium has lower blood sugar and regulate insulin The action of metabolic processes on insulin;

2. Protecting and repairing cells: The cytoplasm of selenium in the body's metabolic activities reduces the digestion and function of peroxides, from peroxides, to protect cell membrane structures from damage;

3 is shown. Increase the ability of red blood cells to transport oxygen: Selenium protects red blood cells, hemoglobin, red blood cells can not be oxidized, and oxygen carrying capacity is enhanced, which can quickly bring enough oxygen to every cell in the body, so that every cell can exercise normally;

4 is shown. Enhance human immunity, selenium can enhance the foreign body of the immune system virus in the human body, and can recognize human lesions to improve the antibody synthesis of the β-cell immune system, T cell proliferation, antibody levels in the blood, increase macrophage phagocytosis and sterilization 2 times the ability;

5. Detoxification, detoxification, anti-pollution: Selenium non-metal ions are negatively charged. In the human body, it can combine positively charged harmful metal ions and direct body to completely remove toxic metal ions, eliminate symptoms, detoxify, detoxify, and resist pollution. Selenium is a "natural" good medicine for pollution;

6. Protection of cardiovascular: Selenium in selenium-enriched rice in Northeast China is involved in protecting cell membrane stability and normal permeability, inhibiting lipid peroxidation, eliminating free radical toxicity, and ensuring normal myocardial structure, metabolism and function.