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Why is the rice flower fragrant rice different from other rice?

Edit:Yangzhou Ziwei Trading Co., Ltd.UpDate:2017-04-26

Rice flower fragrant rice has a unique soil and climate, which makes the dry matter accumulation of rice's nutrients rich. After shelling, the rice grains are full and hard, the color is white and translucent, and it takes 138 days of long growth period.

- "China II on the tip of the tongue" talks about Wuchang rice flower rice. In the Longfeng Mountain area of ​​Wuchang City, Heilongjiang Province, the rice-flowered rice is planted on the fertile black land. The irrigation water is the Lalin River living water, which makes the rice better absorb the mineral essence of the land and spring water. The Jingzhihua Wuchang rice base is here.

Live water irrigation

The rice yield of rice scent is low: ordinary rice can be as high as 70%, and rice fragrant rice has a rice yield of only 40-50%, so the rice scent is more rich, rarer and more precious. It is definitely one that can eat an authentic quince rice. A lucky thing.

The fertile black land produces granules full of round and fragrant rice flowers, and the instant double-chain sugar in the rice-flowered rice accumulates more and is beneficial to human health.

The aroma of rice-scented rice is natural, and there is no so-called “fragrant rice” on the market or the scent of rice with artificial flavor added;

Yitian Daohuaxiang rice has a light natural fragrance, and the rice fragrance is refreshing and pleasant.

In late October, the harvest season is the most busy time for the [Crystals] Wuchang rice base. The harvested rice will not be ground into rice at one time, and will be freshly produced according to customer needs; Rice, no grain;

We store the millet in a low-temperature granary, which will be grounded when the customer needs it. This will not only preserve the original nutrients and taste of the rice, but also make the scent of the rice fresher and ensure that you are eating “new rice”.

"New rice" generally refers to the rice shelling within 30-90 days, the freshness of rice is kept above 70%, such rice can be called new rice. The speed of express delivery from Heilongjiang Province to the farthest Hainan Province is generally about six days, which ensures that every rice is fresh when the rice is in your hands.

The unique geographical and climatic factors have given the unique characteristics of Jingzhihua Wuchangdao Huaxiang Rice.

Perhaps you will say that your Wuchang rice is too expensive, right?

Supermarkets are cheap in bulk, but do you know what is called rice?

Maybe you will say that you can't buy authentic Wuchang rice!

That may be because you have not tasted the rice flower rice of Jinghua.

Maybe you will say: long grain is not long, rice is not fragrant.

The layman looks at the excitement, and the insider looks at the doorway. That is because you don't know the rice, whether you add flavor, whether it is reconciled, you can't tell.

Maybe you will also say: "Five Changmi has no southern rice";

In addition to rice-scented rice, which rice can be called the royal tribute? Which rice is necessary for the national banquet? Which rice is the staple food for the G20 Global Summit? The so-called good things, the crops of the year and the season and the seasons are better, the answer is obvious.

Buying the best things at the lowest price seems never reasonable.


You must have never counted such an account. Is Wuchang Rice really expensive?

Every meal is only 0.71 yuan.

You can eat authentic Wuchang rice flower rice.

Do you still think it is worth it?

Jingzhihua rice is not only a green food, but also a gift from the black land for the grain people. Each bag of rice has a unique traceable security code, which eliminates counterfeit and shoddy products from the source, exquisite The packaging design is also more intimate. Vacuum packaging is only for convenient transportation. If there is air leakage, it will not affect the quality of rice. Please feel free to eat.