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Northeast selenium-enriched rice makes children's eyes brighter and farther

Edit:Yangzhou Ziwei Trading Co., Ltd.UpDate:2017-07-03

People say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. From birth, through this window, look at the ever-changing world with a pure eye, like a star to look around the changing clouds, and the child's eyes are the brightest, and the selenium-rich rice in the north can give The child has bright eyes.

However, with the increase of school work pressure, the light source environment is getting worse and worse, TV, games, internet and other factors, the vision problems of primary and secondary school students are getting worse and worse. The trend of younger age of myopia is getting worse.
Scientists have conducted clinical observations on 2434 children aged 7-14 years, including 1284 cases of myopia, 1046 cases of hyperopia, 98 cases of astigmatism, 4 cases of strabismus, and 2 cases of others. In these children with poor eyesight, the selenium content in the blood is lower than the normal level, and the selenium content in the urine is also lower than the normal content. The above-mentioned children were supplemented with selenium and health products to supplement selenium. One year later, the above-mentioned children were examined for vision. The improvement rate of myopia, hyperopia and strabismus reached 85%.

Modern research has confirmed that selenium deficiency is one of the important factors affecting vision. Eating selenium-enriched rice in northeast can effectively protect visual organs, remove peroxides and free radicals from the eyes, and protect eyes from damage. If the human eye lacks selenium intake for a long time, vision loss and many eye diseases such as cataract, retinopathy, and night blindness will occur.

A sufficient amount of selenium in adolescents and children is very important for their growth.

Two-thirds of China's regions are selenium-deficient areas, of which one-third are severe selenium-deficient areas, and about 700 million people live in low-selenium areas. In view of the current situation that the selenium in the soil is poor and the selenium intake of the residents is seriously insufficient in most parts of China, in recent years, various places have been researching and developing the production technology of selenium-enriched agricultural products.
Northeast selenium-rich rice base, no industrial enterprises around 30 kilometers, no waste water, no waste gas pollution, organic matter content of 8-10%, pH value of 5-5.6, high selenium and low sulfur hot spring water, the average selenium content is as high as 3.62mg / Kg's natural selenium-enriched soil is the best choice for people who are healthy and longing for longevity.
The selenium-enriched rice in the northeast adopts the original low-yielding rice varieties and adheres to the original cultivation method. Each rice must undergo 20 production processes and be scientifically shelled, so that the “selenium” given by the land is perfectly integrated into each rice grain, to the greatest extent. Preserve the natural nutritional value of rice.

A pure heart, sincerely in love with the land, with healthy and nutritious northeast selenium-rich rice to continue green and ecological, "for the benefit of the eater", called for a total of selenium-rich rice, care for the healthy growth of young people. The selenium-enriched rice in the north makes the child's line of sight brighter and looks farther.

Tianci rice, sweet and nutritious; original ecology of the species, Zuntiandao; cultivation and farming, according to standards;
The kind of conscience is planted, the taste is eaten, and the care is healthy!