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The difference between the selenium-enriched rice and the ordinary rice in the north of Zijing Trading Crystal is here!

Edit:Yangzhou Ziwei Trading Co., Ltd.UpDate:2017-05-28

Rice is an important dietary source for people every day, and the fragrant rice without pesticides and fertilizers makes children fall in love with eating. The selenium-enriched rice in the northeast can meet this planting requirement, and can improve the selenium in the rice staple population through bio-enhancement. Nutritional status.

What is the selenium-enriched rice in the Northeast?

The selenium-enriched rice in the northeast can be divided into natural selenium-enriched rice and artificially cultivated selenium-enriched rice. Natural selenium-enriched rice grows from natural selenium-enriched soil; artificially cultivated selenium-enriched rice in the northeast is uniformly sprayed with selenium-enriched yield-enhancing agent through a sprayer and stored in rice by biotransformation.

The selenium-enriched rice in the north is grown from natural selenium-enriched soil, and the quality is much higher than that of similar varieties of rice. A normal person should not enter the selenium content less than 50 micrograms per day; reaching 50 to 100 micrograms can play a health and preventive role; more than 200 micrograms can cure the disease.

The selenium-enriched rice in the northeast can reach about 220 micrograms per kilogram, while the amount of selenium in the hospital is 220 micrograms. This is one of the reasons why the selenium-enriched rice in Northeast China has been selling well since its launch.

Edible benefits of selenium-enriched rice in Northeast China

People take food for the sky, and rice is expensive for selenium. Selenium is known as the "king of cancer", "the patron saint of the heart", "the scavenger of blood vessels", and its role in our human body should not be underestimated.

1. Selenium is a food source antioxidant that can remove free radicals in the body and prevent the destruction of cell membrane lipid peroxide. Its anti-free radical action is 300-500 times that of vitamin E and vitamin C, anti-aging and prolong life.

2, selenium can improve the body's immunity, with anti-cancer and anti-cancer functions.

3, selenium can reduce blood lipids, blood pressure, prevent atherosclerosis, reduce thrombosis, reduce the area of ​​myocardial infarction.

4, selenium can prevent liver virus disease, liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, fatty liver and alcohol liver.

5, selenium can promote insulin function, activate the normal work of islet cells, prevent and treat diabetes.

6, selenium can improve the local anti-infective ability of the prostate, control inflammation, control hyperplasia, prevention and treatment of prostatitis.

7, selenium can prevent male and female infertility.

8, selenium can protect vision, prevent and control myopia, especially young people with myopia.

9, selenium can remove body waste, remove toxins from the body, eliminate heavy metal poisoning, such as lead, chromium and other heavy metal ion poisoning.

10, can promote the proliferation and killing of T cells and neutrophils, promote the synthesis of immunoglobulins and antibody production, enhance the body's ability to resist viruses, inhibit viral activation, reduce the formation of lipopolyps, control and reduce the occurrence of colds opportunity.

11, in addition to can prevent Keshan disease, Kaschin-Beck disease, but also anti-virus, anti-allergy, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-aflatoxin B1 and nitrosamines and other carcinogenic effects, reduce the side effects of radiotherapy, chemotherapy.

12. Enhance the body's ability to resist the adverse environment of the outside world. It has the special function of beauty, eliminating age spots, skin lice and black mites.

The reason why the selenium-enriched rice in Northeast China is different from ordinary rice

Selenium-enriched rice is a high-end positioning. First of all, it is different from ordinary rice in terms of variety selection, planting soil, production management, and rice storage.

(1) On the selection of varieties, the rice should be fragrant and taste good. Most of the ordinary rice is a hybrid variety. The average yield per mu can reach 1,340 kilograms. The yield of selenium-enriched rice in the northeast is only six or seven hundred kilograms. less.

(2) There are strict regulations on planting soil. Planting selenium-enriched organic rice must be soil that has not been contaminated by chemical pesticides in three or three years. At present, most of the land in China is contaminated by chemical fertilizers, pesticides and growth agents. If it needs to be completely degraded, it will take three years, and it will pass every year. Inspection and testing by relevant departments.

(3) In production management, the selenium-enriched rice in the northeast contains selenium and has its own planting base.

a. The Heilongjiang Wuchang selenium rice planting base has a cold climate. The surface vegetation has been corroded to form a “black land” with high organic matter content. The soil is fertile and has a lot of cockroaches. The activities on the surface of the earth help the soil to loosen the effect;

b. Naturally planted artificial weeding, no pesticides and fertilizers, ducks and insects, duck manure and fertilizer fields, and can promote rice yield increase. It is an ecological planting method in this whole cycle of the biological chain!

c. The base is equipped with 24-hour remote full-day monitoring to facilitate the observation of the growth of selenium-enriched rice at the base.

(4) In terms of storage methods, selenium-enriched rice requires us to have an independent storage warehouse. Rice must be sold within one year, because selenium-enriched rice will have a certain impact on the grain if it is used.

The selenium-enriched rice in Northeast China is the same as ordinary rice. Selenium-enriched rice is also the most nutritious in steaming. Selenium exists in the form of protein in rice and will not lose much. The selenium-enriched rice in Northeast China should not be washed many times, because rice bran is also the shell. It also contains selenium.