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Organic Rice Wholesale Center - Jingzhihua Rice Healthy Diet Pack

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Organic Rice Wholesale Center - Jingzhihua Rice Healthy Diet Pack

In the autumn of October, the grain is harvested. With the improvement of living standards, people are paying more and more attention to the combination of healthy diet. Nutrition believes that the best diet is a balanced diet, and the first principle of balanced diet requires food to be as diverse as possible, diversified staple foods, and diversified food supplements to achieve a balanced diet. In order to balance the diet of the readers, this newspaper (blog, Weibo) United Life Network launched a value-for-money organic rice wholesale package, price concessions, free delivery throughout the city, cash on delivery, consulting or order hotline 0514-85167855.

Wholesale sales of Wuchang organic rice without pesticides and chemical fertilizers

New rice market Wuchang, Jingzhihua rice, rice flower fragrant rice set a good taste

Wuchang rice is good, Wuchang farmers only sigh less production. Under this circumstance, Li Yushuang insisted on planting clean rice with more limited yield. He did not receive pesticides and did not accept fertilizers. The rice fields of thousands of acres were all controlled by farmers. The rice that is planted in this way can smell the fragrance of rice in a handful, and there is also a long-lost land atmosphere. Rice flower fragrant rice is the most famous rice in Wuchang rice. The various nutrients contained in Li Yushuang rice flower organic rice are obviously higher than ordinary rice. Li Yushuang rice flower fragrant particles are full, hard texture, white color, boiled rice has a fragrant rice fragrant rice, the taste is slightly sweet, chew to get the real rice fragrant.

The real good food is to use the foot to measure, use the eyes to distinguish, and find out with the heart that Wuchang rice sits on the title of "Chinese rice to see the northeast, northeast rice to see the five permanent", in the grain wholesale market is the focus of many businesses chasing. The low-price competition in the market is chaotic, counterfeit products are rampant, and packaging and piracy are plagiarized. In the “worldwide” of Wuchang Rice, this website is looking for moral five permanent rice. Because the five good real land is limited, the production of good five regular rice is also very limited. From the very beginning, he decided to only be a niche market, Li Yushuang, and hoped to send 100% authentic quinque rice to the hands of people who truly love rice, know rice, and respect the land. Today, this newspaper United Life Network presents the most sincere good rice - Wuchang Li Yu double rice flower rice, and give this simple gift to you who love the land and love the original life.

The human diet is dealing with whole grains every day, not only for the belly, but also for absorbing the nutrients to keep the body working. It is difficult to maintain a balanced diet by eating only polished rice and white noodles. It is also necessary to eat coarse grains such as millet, corn, buckwheat, sorghum, and oatmeal. As early as in the ancient Chinese medicine "Yellow Emperor's Internal Classics", it was proposed: "The grain is for raising, the five fruits are for help, the five animals are for benefit, and the five dishes are for filling." In the grain, rice and wheat are generally considered as fine grains; coarse grains refer to other foods other than rice and wheat, namely corn, buckwheat, oats, millet, sorghum, and potato mentioned above. Some trace elements of coarse grains have considerable value for human health. The content of potassium, calcium, vitamin E, folic acid and bioflavonoids in coarse grains is also richer than fine grains. Originally, Life Network insisted on organic farming to cultivate and cultivate high-quality organic grains that belonged to the original life, and provided the readers with natural green and nutritious organic grains.

Product specifications: organic rice wholesale combination set

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