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Jingzhihua rice group buying trend is popular

Edit:Yangzhou Ziwei Trading Co., Ltd.UpDate:2016-10-16

(Reporter Cheng Yan) Since the Jingzhihua brand rice entered the supermarket, not only has it achieved good results in retail sales, but also online rice group purchase customers have increased. This year, in addition to the business channel, Jingzhihua Company vigorously tried online supermarkets, and cooperated with 24 group coupons, Taobao, QQ group purchase, glutinous rice network and other online group purchases, and promised to order in the seven districts before 12 o'clock, the same day.

It is understood that Zijing Trading Company has been focusing on deep processing and brand sales of food for many years. Its “Jingzhihua” rice flower fragrant rice, “Five Changmi” series products, and “Jingzhihua” brand Northeast rice are highly loved and respected by consumers. With the core concept of “grain essence, natural color and fragrance”, Jingzhihua fragrant rice uses the most advanced automatic processing process to strictly control the quality of products by using advanced technologies such as low-temperature drying, original source storage, whole-temperature storage and vacuum preservation. Make sure that every Mei Nian Feng brand fragrant rice can meet the "five-star quality" standard, so that consumers can taste the best cereal products from all over the world without leaving home.

"Affordable, timely delivery to the door after ordering, making online shopping sales all the way." Ziyan commerce company brand sales director party general introduction, at the beginning of the year, Ziyan company for the first time and group purchase online rice group buying activities. In less than one day, the group purchase was limited to 1,500 rice. Following 24 group coupons, glutinous rice nets and other group buying activities, this Monday, Meifeng Cereal once again joined forces with Taobao.com to launch a group purchase activity of Mei Nianfeng Gold (organic rice). The original price of 89 yuan is only 69 yuan, and it is guaranteed. Delivered on the same day, send 70G nutritious seaweed package. Within three hours, a limited edition of 100 servings of 10 kg of rice was sold out.

"This is the third time to buy rice on the Internet. Jingzhihua's rice, excellent quality, and activities are very affordable. The most important thing is to be able to deliver goods to the door in time." The group's netizen Sasha told reporters that her mother is over six years old. In the tenth day, every time I pushed a small trailer to buy rice, I always dragged it upstairs and made her look very distressed. “Brand rice group buying , no longer need to work hard for my mother.”