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"I didn't think about rice" Jinghuahua rice sold 120,000 pounds in 6 hours?

Edit:Yangzhou Ziwei Trading Co., Ltd.UpDate:2016-10-16

"I didn't think about rice" Jinghuahua rice sold 120,000 pounds in 6 hours?

Guide: With the excellent quality of Jingzhihua rice , I didn't think that rice passed crowdfunding and sold 120,000 kilograms of rice in just 6 hours. The crowdfunding amount reached more than 1 million. Why is it so popular?

At 14:00 on October 12, 100 well-known project founders came to participate in the "No Rice Crystal New Rice Conference".

At 10 o'clock two o'clock two days ago, on the crowdfunding, I released a crowdfunding of 1 million for 45 days. By 12:00, the crowd raised more than 900,000, and after 1 hour, it sold 120,000 kilograms of rice. The crowdfunding amount reached more than 1 million. The amount of crowdfunding is still rising.

The crowdfunding, divided into 6 grades, from selfless dedication to 9999 yuan. Among the funds raised on the first day of its launch, three of them (9999 yuan / 1 yuan / 69 yuan) were popular, accounting for 88.2%, and the rest was 11.8%.

In fact, there are too many projects in crowdfunding, and the crowdfunding funds are only tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Like I didn’t think about rice, I’ve been on the line for 6 hours and quickly raised more than 1 million people. It’s really one of the few.

Why didn't you think that rice could sell 120,000 kilograms of rice in just 6 hours, and the crowdfunding amount reached more than 1 million? Why is it so popular? What is the story behind it?

Why sell Crystal Rice?

Speaking of rice, I don’t want to sell the crystal-grown rice, I have to mention his founder and CEO, Yu Zong. He scoured the gold in the financial circle, rolled over in the e-commerce circle, tried every means to get out of the countryside, and now he is back in the countryside. "Life is really amazing." Yu is very emotional.

According to his recollection that he had decided to sell crystal rice, he was very excited. In 2011, he completed a major turning point in his life and upgraded from a man to a father. The arrival of the son brought joy to the whole family. However, there has always been a problem that plagued Yu Peng, and the child could not eat well. So he changed a lot of rice, the son only likes to eat Jinghuahua rice, especially like to eat alone, do not mix vegetables. "Because the rice is very sweet, the more delicious it is, the more delicious it is." The son said to him.

So, he had an idea, since his son likes to eat Jinghuahua rice, maybe other children also like to eat. When I was a grandmother, I was very accurate about the child’s preference. Therefore, he hopes to share Jingzhihua rice with more children and those who need it.

Prior to this, Yu was engaged in trade, collecting foreign foods such as food from the United States, Canada and other countries and selling them to domestic consumers. This year's sales are expected to exceed 100 million yuan. Every time I saw domestic consumers who were struggling to find a purchase and Haitao to buy foreign products, he did not understand. In his view, there are many good products in China, such as Wuchang Rice. Why do you want to buy a box of biscuits to cross the ocean? Is the moon outside the country more round?

Therefore, Yu always has a pioneering spirit, and Jinghuahua rice has an excellent reputation in the market. This combination undoubtedly occupies the right place and the right place. When he shared this idea with his good friend Zhang Shaozhen, the two hit it off and decided to start a partnership.

As early as 2011, Zhang Shaoxi signed a cooperation with more than a dozen farmers to plant Jingzhihua rice . In the autumn harvest season, the rice was sold to the B-end hotel, which sold for 78 yuan/kg, and made Wuchang rice into a dish. Mode, specializing in the high-end market. In order to expand the user base, Yu Peng’s entrepreneurial idea is to broaden Zhang Shao’s C-end consumer market.

Find out the market pain points of Jingzhihua Rice

People eat food for the day, and rice is an indispensable meal for people on the daily table. From the perspective of market demand, consumers are just looking for rice, but there is no good rice brand on the market. All are some landmark rice, such as Northeast Pearl Rice, Xiaozhan Rice, Hunan Quality Rice, Wuchang Rice and so on. However, consumers do not know which manufacturers of these rice are produced. What trademarks are used for identification and packaging is also very poor.

For food, good packaging can promote the consumer's subconscious purchase, and can remember the brand for a second purchase.

Grain and oil are often treated as the same industry because they have the same market attributes and the same direction of development. Brand oil has been in the market since the 1990s, with a current output of about 100 tons, and sales of 30 billion, increasing at a rate of 30% per year. It can be seen that in the future, bulk oil will definitely be replaced by branded barrel oil. In the same way, the rice market will also have such a brand in the future. The market share of the current brand rice is still less than a few thousand. The brand rice after entering the market will also enter the international market, and the market space is unimaginable.

Not only that, after market research, Yu Peng also found that these highly praised landmark rice, there are still many bad businesses in order to seek benefits, mixed with other meters to sell together, shoddy, to fake. 90% of the five permanent rice in the market are fake rice.

With Yu Peng's understanding of the rice market, it is found that the rice industry has long been ill and curbed. After deliberation with the entrepreneurial team, they finally decided to start monitoring from the production site of rice. He went to Wuchang and found that there was a cold soil in the cold, the temperature difference between day and night reached 20 degrees, 30 days longer than ordinary rice, and after 10 minutes of cooking, the house was full of fragrance.

In order to eliminate 100% of the blended rice, the quality of Jingzhihua rice is guaranteed. He signed a cooperative relationship with local farmers to buy rice in the hands of farmers at a price higher than the market, and all cash is paid. It can not only ensure the interests of farmers, but also ensure that the five regular rice in each season can reach the consumers smoothly. How to achieve this idea?

Use the millet model to sell

All along, Yu Peng and Zhang Shaozhen followed the teacher of Jin wrong knife to learn strategies about crowdfunding and explosive products. I didn't think that this Jingdong crowdfunding can achieve such extraordinary results, and it is inseparable from the help of the teacher.

Because of the in-depth study of the millet model, in the design of the business model of not thinking about rice, Jin wrong knife also recommended the use of Xiaomi pre-sales light asset business model, that is, the funds are quickly returned, no inventory, subverting the traditional Jingzhihua rice agent sales mode.

Then, if you don’t think about the millet model of rice, how should it reflect the true meaning of “the focus, the ultimate, the word of mouth, the fast” that Lei Jun proposed?

Focusing - the simpler things are, the harder it is to do. Yu Peng told reporters that he did not want rice to sell crystal rice. Selling Jinghuahua rice with outstanding quality. Use ancient methods to cultivate, give up fertilizer, stay away from dust and dust, artificially transplant, weed and harvest. The standard spacing of transplanting rice per plant is 9 inches, and the plant spacing is 6 inches. The widened plant spacing allows the rice grains to get more sunshine, only to get refined rice.

The ultimate - the ultimate is to achieve the limits of your ability, product service to the extreme. In fact, I didn't think that rice was on the packaging, but I also spent my time thinking. Not only is there a trending picture on the package, but there are also surprises in the process of capture. For example, a girl bought a bag of 2.5 kilograms of rice that did not want rice crystal, and the signing address was the company. Then it is inconvenient to take 2.5 kilograms of rice from the company to the home. For this reason, he made a small change in the packaging: that is, a small tearing mouth is opened for the convenience of the user.

Word of mouth - only words that exceed the expectations of users have a reputation. At the time of the initial test of the product, Yu Peng and Zhang Shaozhen adopted the simplest and rude tasting method, which satisfied the word of mouth. They sent the product experience to the prototype of the master of the "Essence of God" in the Stephen Chow movie "The God of Food" - the genuine "food god" Dai Long, the feedback was: "What is the smashing of the ecstasy meal, because there is This kind of rice.” Subsequently, they sent the products to more friends and relatives, such as Yang Hua of Xiaomi Rice Cooker, and the gold-knife teacher of the explosive product strategy, which not only got their approval, but also received their approval. Also share the happiness of Wuchang Rice.

Fast - the fast here is not that Xiaomi updates the software fast, but quickly reaches the consumer. The once-five rice sales model, from Wuchang rice to consumers, requires agent transfer of level 4 or above. Each transfer means that the sales price has to be doubled. However, I did not think of rice but directly went directly to the consumers in the field of Wuchang rice. In this way, consumers can eat the freshest rice and quickly reduce the cost of Wuchang rice.

Yu Peng believes that consumers have not fully realized the dividends of consumption upgrade and quality, especially in the food industry. Through the model of pre-sale of millet, we can quickly return the funds of farmers, and maximize the release and excavation of Jinghuahua rice market with the idea of ​​Internet + agriculture. It is entirely possible to exceed 300 million yuan in sales in the next 2-3 years.