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Rice gift box - sew a coat for rice

Edit:Yangzhou Ziwei Trading Co., Ltd.UpDate:2016-10-16

Lohas Declaration: Sending cigarettes to send wine, where is the health of sending rice!

Different styles of rice gift box N column hosted by Jia Jiayi

A thick and large rice gift box , wrapped in beautiful floral cloth, all hand-cut and packaged in a simple style. On the flower cloth, a thin piece of paper is attached, and the above is the line of the grass written by the brush. After receiving such a gift, what do you think will be inside? Maybe you can't think of it, the gift in the carton is 3 pounds of rice.

The maker of this rice gift box is Wu Ning, a Fuzhou girl after 70 years. In March of this year, Wu Ning, who was originally engaged in design, began to make this unique rice gift box . Yesterday, the host saw Wu Ning. "At the end of last year, one of my Beijing friends sent a bag of rice to Taiwan friends." Wu Ning said, "Taiwanese friends said after eating, 'This is the best rice I have ever eaten.'" Wu Ning said that it was this sentence that made her decide to make a gift box for rice. In this way, Wu Ning spent three or four months, found the rice source, and at the same time played her professional advantage. Wu Ning’s father also seriously wrote the words for these gift boxes. "Mi Le Huo" homophonic "Mai Le Buddha" is not only a portrayal of Wu Ning's mood, but also auspicious meaning. “Mishou” and “Mixi” indicate different occasions for gift applications.

Maybe you will ask, why do you have to make a big gift for such a common thing? "For me, sending rice is health and support for the land." Wu Ning said that what he did and sent was more of a concept. "I have always thought that rice is a good gift. Sending cigarettes to send wine, where is the health of delivering rice!"

Wu Ning, who grew up in the city, did not have farmland, and could not distinguish between rice and wheat. "But I know that the good aftertaste of sweet rice is sweet." Wu Ning said that at present, several friends have ordered her. Rice gift box and gave her every step of enjoying the gift. "When the package was unpacked, some of the friends felt so beautiful. If they couldn’t bear to start, they simply kept the gift box as a commemoration." Wu Ning said, "Some friends opened the package and ate the rice inside. They told me: This meter It’s so good, it’s sweet after eating.” Wu Ning said that according to her understanding, she made the rice gift box in China, it seems that she is the first one, which makes her particularly proud. “I know this is a tough attempt. There is a long way to go, but I will continue."