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Is it health or harm? How to eat whole grains.

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Is the whole grain powder healthy or harmful?

——The supermarket grains and grains are called health powder. How do you listen to doctors saying that these things should not be eaten at all?

A girl asked me: I am a student. The dormitory can't cook miscellaneous grains. I want to buy some whole grains in the supermarket to eat. But I saw a doctor saying on the Internet: eating miscellaneous grains can't be healthy, it is harmful to health, scared. Dare to buy it. Really?

I asked: What did the doctor say?

Grains of cereals increase blood sugar faster and are not good for the body. It is not recommended to eat more with or without diabetes. When the endocrine ward listens to the patient, the first two are large. In a word, eating miscellaneous grains is just because you want to absorb a little slower, and it is not worth the candle to increase the absorption.

Another middle-aged woman asked: I have been eating cereal powder for several months. In the morning and evening, I washed a large bowl of powder as a staple food instead of the previous bowl of white rice. It feels like it's a little thinner, but how do you feel that there is a snack in the afternoon when you don't have lunch at noon, is it low blood sugar? Is this related to miscellaneous grains?

Can not everyone eat whole grains ? In fact, the people who asked this question are really not a few, I have answered dozens of times. In my opinion, it is not a question of whether or not to eat, but a question of how to eat.

A few years ago, when the grains began to flourish, I noticed such products and started to do blood sugar experiments. Of course, I did it among healthy people because the GI value of food was originally based on the blood sugar of healthy people. To calculate.

In theory,

The finer the granules of starchy foods, the softer the texture, the more thorough the gelatinization, the faster the digestion rate. When the digestion speed is fast, the absorption speed will be fast. A large amount of absorbed glucose will flow into the blood vessels in a short time, which will cause a rapid rise in blood sugar.

According to the experimental results,

Baking and baking do increase the glycemic index of the same ingredients and increase the peak value of blood sugar. For example, the red blood sugar index of red beans and oats after cooking at atmospheric pressure is only 25 and 61 respectively, and after baking and boiling water, they can rise to 75 and 82 respectively (Dong Yang et al., 2016).

So, for people with diabetes, or pre-diabetes,

It is best to eat all kinds of miscellaneous grains cooked directly. And be sure to remember that even in normal-pressure whole-grain cooking, the longer the soaking time, the longer the cooking time, the higher the blood sugar response. For example, when using a pressure cooker to cook miscellaneous grains, the effect of holding pressure for 15 minutes and holding pressure for 25 minutes is very different. Keeping a little chewing sense of cooking, the effect of controlling blood sugar will be better, blindly pursuing soft and good digestion, natural blood sugar reaction will be higher.

However, on the other hand,

The meaning of eating miscellaneous grains is not all about lowering blood sugar, but also the purpose of supplementing nutrition. The content of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber in cereals is several times that of white rice, and some indicators are even more than ten times higher. Therefore, even if the glycemic index of cereals is as high as 80 or more as white rice, it is equally worth eating.

Especially for girls who are dieting and losing weight, the amount of staple food is usually less. A normal meal eats about 100 grams of dry food, but it is likely to eat only 50 grams when losing weight. If you choose to eat 50 grams of grain, you will definitely get a higher nutrient content than a half bowl of rice cooked with 50 grams of rice.


Because the dietary fiber content of the whole grain flour is high, it is very bulky after the paste, and its satiety is relatively high. In other words, compared with eating half a bowl of white rice, eat a large bowl of miscellaneous grains (50 grams of cereal grains after the paste is about 400 ml). Although the dry goods are similar, the heat is very close, but it is more likely to be full, not so Easy to be hungry.

Therefore, for dieters who do not have diabetes and have good glycemic control but need to reduce their food intake, the whole grains that are powdered after baking are still a good choice.

At the same time, the convenience of whole grain flour is also an attraction.

For those students who do not allow the use of electrical appliances in the dorms, it is not convenient to use rice cookers, electric pressure cookers, etc. to make miscellaneous grains and miscellaneous porridge. It is very convenient to eat miscellaneous grains that can be prepared with hot water, so that they can easily get miscellaneous grains. The nutrients in the meal are especially convenient for meals and nightingales. At the same time, for office workers who need to add meals , working hours feel hungry, and a few spoonfuls of miscellaneous grains are just as convenient as rushing oatmeal. You can always add energy and stabilize blood sugar.


Some people ask: My family has diabetes, can you eat grain? Because of the limited working conditions outside, it is inconvenient to cook miscellaneous grains and eat staple foods other than white rice. Is there no way to eat miscellaneous grains?

In fact, although the whole grain and grains after the powder is made to rise blood sugar faster, it is not necessarily impossible to eat the whole grain powder at all - the way is to reduce the blood sugar response through reasonable matching.

First of all, it is necessary to preferentially use starches of starch beans , such as red bean powder, red kidney bean powder, mung bean powder, etc., to account for half; brown rice, millet, corn and other food powders are not more than half.

At the same time, in addition to boiling water, it is necessary to mix a large amount of hot soy milk or hot milk to prepare the cereal paste, which can effectively help suppress blood sugar. Studies abroad have shown that high-glycemic index staple foods combined with large amounts of milk can reduce postprandial blood glucose response. Our recent research also found that soy milk can play a similar role.

In short, the cereal paste can still help us to maintain our health, but the specific way of eating is very important. To sum up, the general principle is this:

——The blood sugar is normal, but the people who want to get the nutrients in the miscellaneous grains, or those who are inconvenient to cook the miscellaneous grains, can choose the miscellaneous grains to replace the staple foods of some white rice and white flour. It is also possible to replace the white rice porridge with a cereal paste to supplement the nutrition.

——Milk grain aleurone powder is simple to cook and has a high satiety. It is suitable for use as a food or nightingale for people with normal blood sugar . It is better for controlling weight than biscuits, snacks, instant noodles and other foods.

——If you want to use miscellaneous foods for diabetic patients, it is best to use multigrain rice or whole- grain groceries (must contain more oats or miscellaneous beans) . Do not use multi-grain powder to replace the staple food.

——Compared with soy milk and milk, the blood sugar reaction of miscellaneous grains is much higher, so diabetics can't use it to replace the soy milk and milk for breakfast.

- If you have to use cereal aleurone as a staple food for diabetics, it is recommended to use a large amount of soy milk and milk to reduce the blood sugar response after meals. A similar effect can be achieved by blending a certain proportion of soy flour in the whole grain flour .

The last trick is three things:

1 If you want to control your blood sugar, don't put sugar and honey when you drink cereals!

2 Drinking cereals is just a staple food, so be sure to match other protein-rich foods and vegetables !

3 If you are not consulting a doctor, don't just add Chinese herbs to the miscellaneous grains !

Beijing Food Nutrition and Human Health High-tech Innovation Center Post Scientist

Director of the Chinese Nutrition Society

Director of China Association for Health Promotion and Health Education

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Fan Zhihong, Ph.D., Food Science, China Agricultural University

I wish you and your friends and relatives a safe, healthy and happy!