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Yangzhou Ziwei Trading Co., Ltd.
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Heilongjiang Selenium Rice Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is an agricultural technology company engaged in modern characteristics. The company independently develops the cloud Yijiahui eco-sphere platform system based on Internet technology and cloud computing and health products through innovative business models, based on life services. And key nodes of productive services, serving the society and enterprises and members for demand services. In order to enable members to eat healthy green and delicious food, the company owns 10,000 mu of standardized production base of green food raw materials (rice). The company takes "safe production chain from field to table" as its concept, food business model and company plus Base planting model concept, take the road of innovation, do selenium, organic, green, safe food.

The company's base is located in the "Core Zone" of the black soil of the Songnen Plain of China, one of the three remaining black lands in the world. It is in the city of Helen City, in order to promote the industrialization of selenium in Helen City, through the "Government + Enterprise + Cooperatives" +Agricultural household + base" order farming model, providing high-quality rice seeds for base farmers free of charge and hiring rice experts to provide them with a series of services such as scientific planting technology.